Les Fleshtones ont toujours eu beaucoup d'amis, beaucoup de références, beaucoup d'enthousiasme.
il faut aussi signaler que Peter Zaremba, grâce à une émission sur MTV, jouit d'une notoriété qui a dépassé le cercle de ses amis.

Peter Zaremba's Love Delegation:
Spread the Word
Moving target # MT001
Spread the Word

Amsterdamned (rééd.CD, 1997
# 70003-2)
Spread the Word
La Love Délégation, avec le support d'amis comme Dave Faulkner l'australien de Hoodoo Gurus ou Bill Milhizer pour cet album de très bons titres et de reprises.
Let's have a good time (Zaremba) After Midnight (J.W.Cale)
I'm gonna knock you out (Zaremba) Love Delegation (Zaremba)
7 minutes in heaven (Zaremba) Chained to your heart (T.Kaye/J.Donald/B.Schwartz)
Some velvet mornings (Lee Hazelwood) Shama Lama Bing Bang (Zaremba)
Turn me on again (Zaremba) I've been around (Zaremba)
Save me (C.Ousley/A.Franklin/C.Franklin)
2 titres bonus (issus du 12") sur la réédition CD:
I'm gonna Knock You Out! (12" remix) Love Delegation
The delegates:
Vocal Group: Peter Zaremba - Wendy Wild - Michael Ullmann and Barrence Whitfield // Rock Group: Keith Streng - guitar / Jon Cormany - bass / Ricky Rotchild - drums (but everyone did lots of everything) / piano - Kenny Margolis / electric piano - Chris Clements / clay drums - Mike Osborne / Angelic vocals - Cookie Watkins // The Handsome Urban Blight Guys: alto - Paul Vercesi / tenor - Tony Orbach / trumpet - Danny Lipman / trombone - Nelson Keene Carse / and Hamiet Bluiett on baritone saxo. Additional vocals: Bill Milhizer, Dave Faulkner (Hoodoo Gurus), Pat Dinizio (Smithereens), Deb Parker, Andy Vice.
produced by Peter Zaremba & James A.Ball - recorded and mixed at Record Plant Studio, NYC, august to november 1985. Cover concept: Peter Zaremba.

Spread the Word

I'm Gonna Knock You Out - 12" - Moving Target Records, US # MT 503 (1986)
I'm gonna knock you out (Zaremba) 12" remix 5'35 I'm gonna knock you out (Zaremba) 7" remix 3'11
Love Delegation (Zaremba) 2'41
Additional production and remix by Stephen Gerbier
Love Delegation produced by Peter Zaremba & James A.Ball

Egalement pressage "blank" (ou DJ) dans pochette générique noire, étiquettes disque blanches et non couleurs, même réf.number

Peter Zaremba's Love Delegation:
Accord (Fr.) LP/CD # 104902
Imposible (Spain) #


Le second LP "solo" de Peter. Enregistré au Bahamas, d'où peut-être ce son si cool. à noter un invité prestigieux en la personne de Barrence Whitfield.
Hey Disco (Zaremba) What Goes Up (Zaremba)
Spread The Word (Zaremba) Delegation Time (Zaremba)
Right Now! (Zaremba) Shades of Blue (Zaremba)
Kicked Around (Daniel Austin) Through the Night (Zaremba)
Whatever makes you happy (Zaremba) Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Harry Casey)
Peter Zaremba - vocals, piano, harmonica, glockenspiel; Keith Streng - guitar, vocals; Ricky Rothchild - drums, bongos; Michael Ullmann - vocals; Wendy Wild - vocals; Horn courtesy of Urban Blight N.Y.C.; Drew Vogelman - drums on 1-8; Robert Warren - bass on 1-8; Vincent Nguini - lead guitar on 2, 4; Pete Linzell - sax on 6,7; Rich Thomas - bass on 9; Bob Kunkel - Harpsichord on 9; and... Barrence Whitfield on 10.
produced by Peter Zaremba, recorded at Quantum studios, Jersey City; mixed at Compass Point, Nassau, Bahamas.

Amsterdamned compil.

Amsterdamned Collector's Collection 1998 (promo sampler, Amsterdamned, 1998)
1. The Saints - I'm Stranded 6. The Adolescents - No Way
2. The Saints - Know Your Product 7. The Fleshtones - Watch This
3. UK Subs - Solutions 8. Peter Zaremba's Love Delegation - Some Velvet Morning
4. ADZ - After The Storm 9. Gruppo Sportivo - Beep 2 Love
5. Slaughter And The Dogs - The Bitch 10. The Saints - Howling

Full Time Men :
Fast Is My Name
Coyote - TTC 8652

Keith Streng, Peter Buck

Peter Buck (R.E.M.) et Keith Streng ont officialisé leur première collaboration sous la forme de Full Time Men, avec l'aide de Mike Mills.
I Got Wheels (K.Streng) One More Time (K.Streng)
Way Down South (K.Streng)
Keith Streng: Drums, Bass, Acoustic, Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Peter Buck: 12 Strings, 6 String Guitar, Banjo, Guitar Solo on "way down south" & "one more time"

Special thanks to : Mike Mills (organ on "one more time"), Tim White (piano on "way down south"), John Keene (backgroud vocals and handclaps), Velena Vega (background vocals on "one more time"), Kathleen Cooke (typesetting).
recorded at John Keene Studio, Athens, Georgia, june 1985? Produced by Peter Buck & co-prodiced by Keith Streng.

Full Time Men :
Your face My fist
Coyote - TTC 88138
New Rose - ROSE149

Your Face My Fist

Full Time Men, c'est trois Fleshtones : Keith Streng (lead vocal, guitars) - Bill Milhizer (drums, percussions, vocals) - Gordon Spaeth (sax/harmonica) plus: Robert Warren (bass) et Rich Thomas (lead and slide guitars); ainsi que pas mal d'autres collaborations (Jeff Connolly des Lyres, Stiv Bators, Peter Buck de REM (6 et 12-strings guitars), Pat Dinizio (Smithereens, guitar on High on drugs), Peter Zaremba himself, Dave Faulkner (Hoodoo Gurus), ...)
Nothing's gonna stop our train (Streng) Critical List (Streng)
One more time (Encore) (Streng) Wreckin' Ball (Streng/Warren)
Southern Twitch (Streng/Zaremba) Making Time (Pickett/Phillips)
I Got Wheels (Streng) High on Drugs (Streng/Zaremba)
Four Day Creep (Ida cox) Baby don't do it (Holland/Dozier/Holland)
Full Time Men (Streng/Spaeth)

the fabulous sound of Coney Island

Blood Red recordsFull Time Man / Masterplan

Full Time Men / Master Plan split 7" E.P.

Sur la première face, 2 titres de Keith Streng et des Full Time Men.
Sur la seconde face, 2 titres de Master Plan, l'association de Andy Shernoff (bassist/songwriter des Dictators) et de Keith Streng.
Full Time Men Master Plan
I'm Gonna Have Fun
Did You See Her Eyes
Find Something Beautiful
You're Mine
Recorded at Compactor Studios in Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

Mad Violets
World Of ...

Lolita, Fr - 5046

Mad Violets

Mad Violets est principalement le groupe de Wendy Wild et Keith Streng (deux autres Fleshtones apparaissent aussi).
Black Light Sound Reality - 3'22 (W.Andreiv)
Come Out and Play - 3'38 (W.Andreiv, K.Streng, D.Harvey)
Crystal Chandelier - 3'28 (W.Andreiv)
I Can Hear The Grass Grow - 3'42 (Roy Wood)
World of LSD (I Wanna Come Back) - 4'02
Wendy Wild: Lead vocals, casio, chimes / Keith Streng: drums, bongos, tamborine, clavas, vocals / Chaz Leiland: bass, backing vocals / Danny Harvey: lead guitar, rithem guitar, grand piano

& Bill Milhiser: cowbell / Liz Luv: backing vocals / Jan Marel Pakulski: backing vocals, tamborine / Keith Streng: clavas, bongos / Wendy Wild: chimes / Ray Laderman: backing vocals
Side A: recorded at Intergalatic Studios, NYC / produced by Raphael Laderman and Keith Streng / drums: Dan Reich / bass: Walter Scezney / hammond B3, juno: Bob Kozuri
Side B: recorded at Water Music Studios NJ / produced by Wendy Wild, Keith Streng and the Mad Violets / drums: Keith Streng, bass: Chaz Leyland / vox combo organ: Deb O'Nair

the Fleshtones presents:
the Big Bang Theory
New Rose # ROSE137 (Fr.)
Skyclad # 3 (US)
Hitch Hyke # LIFT 009 (Grèce)

TIME BOMB - The Big Bang Theory

Les Fleshtones, et leurs avatars, jouent les Fleshtones. Et 2 inédits des Fleshtones.
FULL TIME MEN - High on drugs LOVE DELEGATION - Through the night
ACTION COMBO - Somebody help me The WILD HYENAS - I go wild
The MAD VIOLETS - Come out and play The FLESHTONES - In my eyes you're dead
ACTION DOGS - I can't get through you METHEDRINE GHOSTS - hot rod zombie
The FLESHTONES - I was a teenage zombie CRYIN' OUT LOUD - moment of weakness
The WILD HYENAS - morning dew IAN Mc KELLEN & The FLESHTONES - sonnet xx
FULL TIME MEN - Keith Streng - guitar, vocals / Jan Marek Pakulski - bass / Bill Milhizer - drums / Chris Clements - piano / Wendy Wild - vocals w/special guests: Peter Buck (REM) - guitar / Dave Faulkner (Hoodoo Gurus) - vocals / Pat Di Nizio - feedback guitar -- produced by James A.Ball and Peter Zaremba at The Record Plant
ACTION COMBO - Mustang Mike - vocals / Gordon Spaeth - vocals and harp / Bill Milhizer - vocals - Ritchie Belmont - guitar / Adrian Baker - bass / Bobby Belmont - drums -- produced by Chris Richards
The MAD VIOLETS - Wendy Wild - vocals / Danny Harvey - guitar / Dan Reich - drums / Walter Scezny - bass / Bob Kazuri - hammond B3, juno -- produced by Raphael Laderman and Keith Streng
ACTION DOGS - Peter Zaremba - tom-toms / Keith Streng - guitar, vocals / Gordon Spaeth - saxophone / Bill Milhizer - tom-toms / Jan Marek Pakulski - bass, vocals / Peter Case - lead vocal / Eddie Munoz - guitar / David Pahoa - bass / Lou Ramirez - drums / Danny Harvey - guitar / Uncle John - piano -- produced by Jeff Eyrich
The FLESHTONES - Peter Zaremba - vocals / Keith Streng - guitar, vocals / Gordon Spaeth - saxophone / Bill Milhizer - drums, vocals / Jan Marek Pakulski - bass, vocals / Robert Warren - bass on In My Eyes / Chris Clements - piano -- produced by James A.Ball and the Fleshtones at The Record Plant
The WILD HYENAS - Wendy Wild - vocals / Keith Streng - guitar / Jan Marek Pakulski - bass / Danny Harvey - lead guitar / Ricky Rotchild - drums -- produced by Keith Streng and Jan Marek Pakulski
LOVE DELEGATION - Peter Zaremba - vocals / Wendy Wild - vocals / Keith Streng - guitar / Rich Addison Thomas - bass / Ricky Rotchild - drums / Michael Ullman - vocals / Bob Kinkel - keyboards -- produced by James A.Ball and Peter Zaremba at The Record Plant
METHEDRINE GHOSTS - Super Rock Alter Ego
CRYIN' OUT LOUD - Robert Warren - bass, guitars and vocals / Drew Vogelman - drums -- produced by Drew Vogelman
IAN Mc KELLEN & The FLESHTONES - Ian Mc Kellen - vocals / Peter Zaremba - tambourine and dancing / Keith Streng - guitar / Gordon Spaeth - organ / Bill Milhizer - drums / Robert Warren - bass -- produced by James A.Ball and the Fleshtones at The Record Plant

Enemies in the Grass
Day after day

Galt records, USA - GP400

Enemies in the Grass

7" avec Walter Sczesny, qui a joué avec les Mad Violets, et qui aurait aussi (d'après la note de Galt productions) joué avec les Fleshtones.
Day after day Out of Luck
Walter Sczesny - vocals, bass / Jon Chaikin - guitar, vocals /
with Walter Roberti - lead guitar / Pete Puleo - keyboards / Andy Bigan - drums // recorded summer 1988 at Bayside Sound, Bayside, NY

Robert Burke Warren
To This Day

Robert Burke Warren

Il a été le bassiste des Fleshtones en 1986, 87

1.Dark Angel Eyes Warren 4:08
2.Ruby Red (Warren) 4:15
3.Josephus Cries (Warren) 4:08
4.Milledgeville (Warren) 3:55
5.Falling into Grace (Friederichsen/Warre) 4:27
6.Tomboygirl (Warren) 3:50
7.I Want Her Faith (Warren) 4:09
8.Radio Church (Warren) 4:21
9.Give Me Your Love (Warren) 4:09
10.Chaos In Your Wake (Warren) 3:12
11.Blue Impala (Warren) 3:56
12.Jacksong (Warren) 1:58

on peut l'acheter sur le site de Robert Warren
other Tones personal contributions:

Los Mescaleros

Los Mescaleros - When the tiger kills the dear... (1991) Musidisc (France) # 107932
Peter Zaremba a produit ce disque du groupe des frères Casas (groupe franco-espagnol, originaire de Vienne)
1.Death is on my side 7.Lagrimas del sol
2.The cold wind blows 8.It'll bring me down
3.Deseo 9.Fire in the night
4.Just a joker 10.Thunder in my mind
5.Cada dia 11.I've been a fool
6.The house in the woods 12.Motorcycle

Peter Zaremba 22 PistePirkko remix

22 Piste Pirkko - Zipcode (1996) - Strange ways (Finland) # WAY148 / Bare Bone Business/Spririt #531.588-2 (CD)
Album de 15 remix et remakes édité pour le 15ème anniversaire. Peter Zaremba a remixé un titre :
1. Tired of being drunk by BORISOV & TETRIS (10:53) 9. Oo my head by VESA LANKINEN (4:59)
2. Swamp blues by MARTIN REV (5:41) 10. Don't play cello by ARNO HINTJENS (3:36)
3. Wild Billy by UTAH SAINTS (3:58) 11. Don't say I'm so evil by P.RAJANTI & J.JAAKONAHO (5:00)
4. Roundabout (22-Pistepirkko) (3:23) 12. Horror o'horrible (new version of Kammo Kammo Kamala) (4:05)
5. I never said by Vesa Lankinen (4:14) 13. Bubblegum couple by Peter ZAREMBA (2:51)
6. Little bit more by LARRY & THE LEFTHANDED (2:49) 14. Gimme some water by MATTILA (5:17)
7. Snowy Dave by MOM (5:58) 15. Birdy by JIMI TENOR (5:22)
8. Oo my head by THEORY (5:47)

Zaremba sings Fogerty

John Fogerty: Wrote a Song for Everyone (1996) Rubber Rabbit Rock'n'Roll Records (Finland) / Pravda records (dist in US) # 5R00196
Sur cette compilation d'origine finlandaise, avec "naturellement" tous les titres écrits par John Fogerty, Peter Zaremba chante sur un morceau :
1.Fly Away (Jolly Jumpers) 9.Fortunate Son (Al Perry & The Cattle)
2.Commotion (Girl Trouble) 10.Hey Tonight (New Duncan Imperials)
3.Sweet Hitch-Hiker (DM3) 11.Gloomy (Barefoot Brothers)
4.Effigy (Psyclone Rangers) 12.Back in the Hills (Screaming Thunders)
5.Run Through the Jungle (Steve Hooker) 13.Who'll Stop the Rain (Coal Porters)
6.Don't Look Now (Going Public) 14.Graveyard Train (Steve Wynn - live)
7.Cross-Tie Walker (Peter Zaremba / Paul Johnson) 15.Hey Tonight (Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver)
8.Up Around the Bend (Outsideinside)
Peter Zaremba (vocals) & Paul "grillmaster" Johnson (guitar) - recorded at Compactor Studios, NYC

Zaremba speaker ? Mark & the mysterians

? & the Mysterians - Do You Feel It Baby? (The captivating live sounds of...) (1998 - Norton # CED262)
enregistré live au Cavestomp'97 (Coney Island High School, New York City, 25 oct. 1997, sauf les tracks 18 & 19 : 17 janv.1998) : 19 morceaux dont des nouveaux, avec le même son qu'il y a (déjà) trente ans (et dans leur cas, c'est un compliment!). Peter Zaremba officie de speaker : il fait les introductions etc.
1.Do You Feel It (Martinez) 11.Don't Tease Me (Martinez)
2.Smokes (Martinez) 12.Love Me Baby (Cherry July) (Martinez)
3.Make You Mine (Martinez) 13.Midnight Hour (Martinez)
4.Can't Get Enough of You Baby (Linzer/Randell) 14.96 Tears (Martinez)
5.I Need Somebody (Martinez) 15.I'll Be Back (Martinez)
6.Do Something to Me (Calvert/Marzano/Naumann) 16."8" Teen (Martinez)
7.Why Me (Martinez) 17.Ain't It a Shame (Martinez)
8.Got To (Martinez) 18.Don't Break This Heart of Mine (Martinez)
9.Girl (You Captivate Me) (Day/Dischel) 19.Up Side (Martinez)
10.Ten O'Clock (Martinez)


Cavestomp - vol.1 (Cavestomp recs./dec.1999)
enregistré live au Cavestomp'97 (Coney Island High School, New York City), sorte de festival de 2 nuits de folie organisé par Peter Zaremba les 24 & 25 octobre 1997 (le ? Mark & mysterians ci-dessus provient de la même session). Peter se commet -bien sûr- dans plusieurs titres. "STOMPERS!" shouted Peter Zaremba of the fabulous Fleshtones. "Stompers, are you ready to Stomp??"
The BROOD - Come On, Come On The FUZZTONES - She's Wicked
CHEEPSKATES - Run Better Run The HENTCHMEN - Life Story
The MOSQUITOS - Let's Stomp The NOMADS - Primordial Ooze
The SECRET SERVICE - Biff, Bang Pow The LYRES - 7
The INSOMNIACS - Already Down ? & THE MYSTERIANS - 96 Tears

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