Compilations (Gun Club & Jeffrey Lee Pierce)

Happy Squid Records- HS007

Keats rides a Harley

Keats Rides a Harley - compilation
EARWIGS - A Martyr Is Made
TOXIC SHOCK - Sensationalism
S SQUAD - Scene Of The Crime
GUN CLUB - Devil In The Woods
LEAVING TRAINS - Virginia City
TUNNELTONES - Is This A Restart?
HUMAN HANDS - Hypnotica
100 FLOWERS - Salmonella
1982 NON PLUS "Premiere Issue", April 1982 (cassette tape) with Gun Club, Whirlybirds Suburban Lawns, Police, Keith Morris, attached to an 8.5" x 11" b&w photo of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and the Gun Club.

jive WIRE
NME - NME 002

Suicide for NME

Le célèbre magazine anglais New Musical Express sortait périodiquement des cassettes de compilation. Pour les avoir, il fallait découper un coupon et le renvoyer avec le paiement. Le petit livret était aussi à découper dans le journal. Celle-ci-, la deuxième, sortie en 1982 a été compilée par Roy Carr & Neil Spencer.
The Thompson Twins - In the name of love
David Gamson - No turn on red
Leisure process - Love cascade
Buzzz - Tonight's allright
Pig Bag - A live orangutango
Aswad - Ghetto in the sky
Scritti Politti - Asylums in Jerusalem
The Beat - Get a job/ Stand down Margaret
Gil Scott-Heron - B-Movie
Suicide - Dream Baby Dream
Kraftwerk - Das model
Altered Images - Happy Birthday
Theatre of Hate - Dreams of Poppies
Gun Club - Ghost on the Highway (2.43)
Tav Falco's Panther Burns - Ms.Froggy
Blak Uhuru - Happiness
Defunkt - Illusions
Rip Rig & Panic - Billy Eckstein's shirt collar
Carmel - Storm
Vic Godard & the Subway Sect - Just in time
Pablo - Madaleina

Animal / Chrysalis (DC8969)

Gun Club & Iggy Pop

Animal records presents : French split promo 12" E.P. - 45rpm
Iggy Pop [from the album CHR 1399] Gun Club [from the album CHR 1398]
Run like a villein - 3'01
The Villagers - 3'48
Carry Home - 3'14
Mother of Earth - 3'25
produced by Chris Stein

Animal records - CAGED 1

Animal Sampler

Animal Sampler
Compilation du label Animal de Chris Stein, avec les premières signatures, l'Iggy Pop de retour d'Haïti et le Gun Club, tous deux avec une superbe pochette. 2 titres de Gun Club, extraits de l'album Miami.
Run through the Jungle - GUN CLUB
Dancing in Heaven - Walter Steding
Panther Man - Panther Burns
Like Calling up Thunder - GUN CLUB
I'm on this rocket - Panther Burns
The villagers - Iggy Pop
All the way - Walter Steding
I don't know Samba - Snuky Tate
The Twitch - James White & the Blacks
Babylon under pressure - Snuky Tate
Irresistible Impulse - James White & the Blacks

New Rose - ROSE 9

New Rose compilation

NEW ROSE 82 - Compilation 1982 (14 titres dont 7 inédits, une face française, une face anglosaxonne)
La Souris Déglinguée Rock'n'roll vengeance
La Souris Déglinguée Jeunes seigneurs (inédit)
Charles de Goal Kling Klang
Charles de Goal Ambiance répétitive (inédit)
Warum Joe Les colonels de Bogota (inédit)
Warum Joe La colline des potences (inédit)
Warum Joe Datcha
The Saints Gypsy Woman (unreleased)
The Saints Call it Mine (unreleased version)
The Gun Club Sex Beat
The Troggs Little Pretty Thing
The Troggs Peggy Sue (unreleased)
Willie Loco Alexander Close enough (unreleased)
Willie Loco Alexander Gin

Slash Records 239371

Slash, the early years

Slash - The Early Sessions

X - Los Angeles
Fear - New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones
Germs - Caught In My Eye
The Dream Syndicate - Tell Me When It's Over
X - White Girl
Blasters - Border Radio
Gun Club - Sex Beat
Rank And File - Conductor Wore Black
Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun
Blasters - Long White Cadillac

New Rose - ROSE27P

History of the World


La compilation annuelle de New Rose, un pictured disc en 1984, avec les artistes maison:
Yearly New Rose compilation, as a pictured disc in 1984 w/ own artists:

True West, Johnny Thunders, Kingsnakes, Outcasts, Count Five, The Saints, The Troggs, The Real Kids, Orson Family, Dawgs, Chris Bailey, Willie Alexander, Cub Coda, and The Gun Club : "Sex Beat" (from Fire of Love)

Big Beat LP # WIK 18 / CD (1989)

Rockabilly Psychosis
Rockabilly Psychosis CD

Rockabilly Psychosis & The Garage Didease - (transp.rose vinyl)
"the most devastating trip into the world's most warped musical minds"
"Nothing can save us!"

Love Me - The Phantom
Surfin'Bird - The Trashmen
Psycho - The Sonics
The Crusher - The Novas
Paralysed - Legendary Stardust Cowboy
She Said - Hasil Adkins
My Daddy is a Vampire - The Meteors
Red Headed Woman - Jimmy Dickinson & the Cramps
Radioactive Kid - the Meteors
Dateless Night - Tav Falco & Panther Burns
Jack on Fire - The Gun Club
Folsom Prison Blues - The Geezers
Cat Man - The Sting-Rays
Just Love Me - The Guanabatz

CD with 3 bonus tracks :

Scream! - Ralph Nilsen & The Chancellors
Hidden Charms - Link Wray
Run Chicken Run - The Milkshakes

New Rose - ROSE X

rock n' rose

rock n' rose

Compilation (édition limitée) pour le dixième anniversaire de New Rose, 1980/1990, trois CD, avec 64 groupes qui ont fait son succès (ou qui ont bénéficié de la vista de Patrick Mathé, comme on voudra):
New Rose 10th anniversary (1980/1990); 3 CD-compilation w/ 64 own bands, limited edition.

The Saints, Willie Alexander, Johnny Thunders, Sky Saxon, Divine Horsemen, Alex Chilton, Roky Erikson, Bruse Joyner, Soucoupe Violentes, etc.., and The Gun Club : "Sex Beat" (du 1er LP Fire of Love)

1990 - LP & CD
VERA Records (NL) - 001

Vera Groningen

VERA GRONINGEN - Beauty In The Underworld,
recorded live at Club Vera, Groningen, Holland, December 3, 1986.
1. Scientists- Murderess in a Purple Dress
2. The Feelies- Crazy Rhythms
3. Sylvia Juncosa- The Desert Song
4. Dream Syndicate- 50 in 25 Zone
5. Sonic Youth- Broken Eye
6. Leaving Trains- So Fucked Up
7. Dinosaur Jr- The Lung
8. Nomads- Real Gone Lover
9. Alex Chilton- Rubber Room
10. Gun Club- Sex Beat
11. Giant Sand- Underground Train *
12. Naked Prey- The Story Never Ends *
13. De Artsen- Nico Ode *
14. Thin White Rope- Mr. Limpet *
CD avec 4 titres en plus *


18 ways to make money

R.E.D. Retail Sampler Vol. 1, OR 18 Ways To Make More Money
18 tracks-compilation promo only CD (issued for the people from the RED retailers (Relativity Entertainment Distribution, USA)
Juliana Hatfield - I See You
Overwhelming Colorfast - It's tomorrow
Sister Psychic - World upside down
Immaculate Fools - Stand Down
Skinny Puppy - Sleeping Beast
Godflesh - Pure
Star Star - Science Fiction Boy
Gun Club - Pastoral Hide and Seek
John Mooney - Push and Shove
Marvin - Vanishing Breed
The Bats - The Black and the Blue
The Rosemarys - Wake me up
Green - Hear what you want to hear
Mucky Pup - I Am
Cannibal Corpse - Hammer smashed face
Paradise Lost - As I Die
Dead World - Incorporeal nemesis/ neurosis quagmire
Mojo Nixon & The Toad Liquors - Mr. Grinch

Play It Again Sam 9002 29

Gun Club, Play it

PLAY IT ! VOLUME 2 IN THE SUMMERTIME - 18 tracks-compilation
1 Chuck Prophet -Balinese Dancer
2 Willy De Ville -All in the name of Love
3 Pop In Wonderland -Something hit my dream
4 C W Mc Lennan -Lightning Fires
5 Frank Black - Czar
6 Belly -Feed the Tree
7 Red House Painters -Things mean a lot
8 His Name Is Alive -In evety Ford
9 Einsturzende Neubauten -Blume
10 That Petrol emotion -Detonate my dreams
11 The Gun Club - Lucky Jim
12 Cold Water Flat -Lost and Crazy
13 Sebadoh -Soul and Fire
14 Hole - Beautiful Son
15 Peace Love and Pittbulls -Hitchhike to Mars
16 Sleep -Dragonaut
17 Cathedral -Ride
18 The Levellers -Far from Home

Triple X - CDPRO94

Triple X vol. 7

Triple X records - compilation Number 7 (Promo only CD)
Cradle of Thorns - Flesh
The Dickies - Toxic Avenger
Hyperhead - Teenage Mind
Lifter - Shutout
Penny Dreadfuls - Sooner or Later
Die Haut - Sad Dark Eyes
Spongehead - Plumber's Lament
Ross Williams/Daucus Karota - Raw Power
Miracle Workers - Sad Times
The Selecter - Whip Them Down
Jeff Dahl - Leather Frankenstein
Andi Sexgang - Poison Pescado
Christian Death - Cry Baby
The Gun Club - Ride
Jeffrey Lee Pierce - Love and Desperation

Bo Diddley - I'm gonna get your girlfriend
Tav Falco - Pantherman
Lydia Lunch - Crimes against Nature
"Still indie after all these years ..."
"U.S. expatriate Jeffrey Lee Pierce's releases became difficult to locate domestically following Pierce's departure to foreign shores, so we have been on a mission to make all of this essential artist's post-Slash & IRS work easily available"

CD 140363

Fingerprints / Gun Club

Chris CACAVAS/JUNKYARD LOVE - Like A Cigarette
SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS - Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog, Roky Erickson)
Peter HAMMILL - I Will Find You
Peter HAMMILL - Like A Shot, The Entertainer
ELEVENTH DREAM DAY - I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing...
The GUN CLUB - Little Wing (Hendrix, 4:25)
The GUN CLUB - Yellow Eyes (10:52)
Recorded Live at Arge Kulturgelande Nonntal, Salzburg in 1993/94

213CD 1996 part one
213CD - 213CDPRO2

213CD Sampler

CD promotionnel distribué lors de concerts / lectures donnés par Henri Rollins.
The Mark of Cain - Wake Up Ian Shoales - Neo Literacy
The Gun Club - Bill Bailey The Birthday Party - Release the Bats
Alan Vega/Alex Chilton/Ben Vaughn - Freedom Chris Haskett - Sly Larry's Wanna B-side
Hubert Selby Jr. - Fashion, Passion and Terminal Cool Matthew Shipp - Excerpt from the album entitled 2-Z
TV Smith - We want the Road Henry Rollins - Excerpt from the album entitled Everything
Matthew Shipp - Zo #1

Bouquet of Dreams Vol.3
Strange Ways/ Indigo (Ger.) dble CD

Tocotronic - Die Idee Ist Gut, Doch Die Welt Noch Nicht Bereit
Rossburger Report - Trivial World
Residents - Kaw-Liga
H.A.L.O. - Eclipsed
Chandeen - In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
Peter Heppner - Twelve
Martin Hall - Another Heart Laid Bare
Kastrierte Philosophen - Toilet Queen (Andrew Eldritch Remix)
Element Of Crime - Nervous And Blue
Tone Steine Scherben - Laá Uns Ein Wunder Sein
We Smile - Child Of The Moon
Neal Casal - Hands On The Plow
Spirogyra - The Furthest Point
Erblast - Illian
Barbara Manning - Smoking Her Wings
Chris & Carla - Velvet Fog
Chet Kanc - Tears For Columbia
F.M. Einheit - Totenhammer
Sulphur Sky - Haschisch
Ethan James - The Last Believer
Still Silent - Sleeping
Renaissance - Wanderer
Wolfsheim - Childhood Cruel (Drumless)
Joachim Witt - Winterm„Rz
Oracle - Waiting
Lobe - Dorain
Zoon Politicon - Mercy
Carlos Peron - La Salle Noire (Radio & Tv Mix)
De/Vision - Today's Life (Live)
The Northern Territories - The Devil Slowly Turns
Scare Crows - Trip (Emerald Sea)
Play The Track Of - World Without
Hip Young Things - Take No Prisoners
Gun Club - The Breaking Hands
The Bathers - Thrive

Docteur Chance
Last Call (Fr.) CD - 3035632

Docteur Chance w/Gun Club

Messagero Killer Boy - la musique du film Docteur Chance (soundtrack)
Le groupe du réalisateur F.J.Ossang - Messagero Killer Boy (ou MKB anciennement Fraction MKB provisoire) - a composé et joué la musique du film, appuyés par des morceaux de Gun Club, Nick Cave, La Muerte et Joe Strummer (Clash) qui joue le rôle principal du film.
 1.Radio Maria Celeste (Messagero Killer Boy) (1:39)
 2.Jazz On Chaos (3:41)
 3.Où s'arrête le Réel (1:38)
 4.Quand La Fausse Peinture (1:05)
 5.Connection Stallite (2:03)
 6.Wasted Desguage Dancing (4:42)
 7.Scorpio Rising -
La Muerte (3:28)
 8.Crépuscule Egypte (3:15)
 9.Lettre A Ancetta (0:38)
10.Fire Of Love - Gun Club (2:05)
11.Passage d'Argentine (2:52)
 12.Génotype (1:24)
 13.Nous Sommes De L'Autre Côté (2:48)
 14.Inca D'Enfance (3:06)
 15.Punta Del Fero (1:19)
 16.Shoot in your Back -
La Muerte (4:55)
 17.C'est Définitif (3:20)
 18.We Mute, On Coupe (2:33)
 19.Stranger than Kindness -
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (4:36)
 20.Jazz On Void (3:04)
 21.Victory Lane -
Joe Strummer (2:07)
 22.Docteur Chance (3:09)
un film réalisé par F.J.Ossang - 1997 - 1997, 97', France - Chili / La Compagnie des Films / Valcine Santiago
Réalisation: François-Jacques Ossang. Image: Remy Chevrin. avec : Elvire, Pedro Hestnes, Marisa Paredes, Joe Strummer, Fédor Atkine, Stéphane Ferrara.

EMI France-ODEON 8231222

Une Histoire du Rock

Une histoire du rock indépendant
C'est la compilation par une major de groupes découverts par des labels indépendants, lesquels n'existent souvent plus.
This is not a love song - P.I.L.
Radio free Europe - R.E.M.
Winterlong - The Pixies
That's entertainment - The Jam
Golden Brown parties - Bauhaus
Dum dum boys - Iggy Pop
She's in parties - Bauhaus
Love like blood - Echo & the Bunnymen
The killing moon - Echo & the Bunnymen
Christine - House of Love
Deus - Sugarcubes
Purity - New Model Army
She sells sanctuary - The Cult
Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie & the Banshees
Run through the jungle (inédit en CD) - GUN CLUB
Ever fallen in love - Buzzcocks
Some Candy talking - Jesus & Mary Chain
Love for sale - Talking Heads

Triple X - CD 51268-2


Exxxile on Main Street - US compilation - Triple X records - 2000
"The best of 13-years of rock from Triple X Records"
1.Whores - Jane's Addiction
2.Johnny's Got A Problem - DI
3.Brats In Battalions - Adolescents
4.Magic Slide - Miracle Workers
5.You Think Too Much - Epperley
6.Dog Day - Spongehead
7.Satisfy - Streetwalkin' Cheetahs
8.Lisa's World - Jeff Dahl
9.Supersonic - Motorcycle Boy
10.Toxic Avenger - The Dickies
11.Lights Out - Angry Samoans
12.Beat The Bastards - Exploited
13.Shout At The Devil - Cradle Of Thorns
14.Wake Up America - Bo Diddley
15.House Is Not A Home - Gun Club
16.Beautiful Dead - Inger Lorre
17.Don't Label Me - LAPD
18.Flowers - 'Rozz Williams/Gitane Demone
19.Deeper Shade of Soul - Urban Dance Squad

New Rose Story, 1st CD

New Rose Story - 1980-2000 - Last Call (oct.2000) - 4 CD "de luxe" Box Set - 3062312

Gun Club - Sex Beat - 2'46 (Jeffrey Lee Pierce)

New Rose 1980-2000

New Rose - 1980-2000 - Last Call (oct.2000) - CD - 3062302

Gun Club - She's like heroin to me - 2'34 (Jeffrey Lee Pierce)

Slash / BiggMassive records

Salute This, vol.1

Salute This, Vol. 1
Slash records, rededicated as BiggMassive, is back with this compilation of back catalogue.
1. The Sky Is Falling - Shiner Massive
2. All Hell Breaks Loose - The Misfits
3. Epic - Faith No More
4. Let's Have A War - Fear
5. Los Angeles - X
6. Here We Come - Shiner Massive Sound System
7. Buzzin - Asian Dub Foundation
8. Pretend We're Dead - L7
9. Lexicon Devil - Germs
10. Spear Burning - Burning Spear
11. Sex Beat - Gun Club
12. Gone Daddy Gone/I Just Want To Make Love To You - Violent Femmes
13. The World's A Mess (It's In My Kiss) - X

Gun Club on New Rose video

New Rose on Video (1991, New Rose, Fr - NRV1)
Pour la première vidéo éditée par New Rose, une compilation de 13 groupes de l'écurie maison :
A crack in time - Calvin Russel
The eyes of the children of Maria - Elliot Murphy with Chris Spedding
Feel the way that I do - Shoes
Marla Jane - Russ Tolman
Memphis Beat - Tav Falco
Jes suis à tes pieds - Juliette et les Indépendants
St John's Divine - Gun Club (4:25)
Le Bayou - Les David Vincent
Trilobites - Visiting Kids
Angels - Peter Holsappel & Chris Stamey
Et pour un oui ou pour un non - Les Soucoupes Violentes
Ich glaub' nicht - Corman et Tuscadu
tell me - Polyphonic Size
HARCORE VOLUME 3 (Target Video)
NEGATIVE TREND - Black & Red DEAD KENNEDYS - Chemical Warfare / California Uberalles
AVENGERS - Groove Street / Uh-Oh
GUN CLUB - Sex Beat WEIRDOS - Life Of Crime
SCREAMERS - Magazine Love / 122 Hours Of Fear in Target Studio IGGY POP - Bang Bang
All performances are from 77-79 except for Iggy is 1981
Movie trailers, rock'n'roll, and interviews.
Sid Vicious and The Dead Boys - 1978 Interview
The Gun Club - Live LA 1982
Johnny Thunders - Rock Around The Drugs Interview
Charles Manson - 1983 TV Interview
Nick Cave - Stagger Lee
GG Allin - On Jerry Springer
Bill Hicks - Tiffany and Jimi
John Lydon - Conan O'Brien
John Waters - Letterman show

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