(some) Indies labels

New Rose recordsNew Rose records

Last CallLast Call records
(Patrick Mathe's label after New Rose)
Flamingo - pre New rose label (ran from Music Box) Single KO - Louis Thevenon post New rose label / SOON
Mélodies Massacre, SMAP : labels normands des premiers Dogs et des frères Tandy Surfin'Bird : another small french indie label from the 80's
Gymnote Mission : feu le label des Mescaleros à Lyon Tutti Frutti : another small french indie label from the 80's
Revenge : french label benefits from Ron Asheton tapes Fu Manchu : small french indie label from Bordeaux, Fr.
All Or Nothing : indie from Paris Swamp : small french indie label from Toulouse, Fr.
l'Invitation Au Suicide (dist. New Rose)  
Weed : garage label from Caen Lolita : french indie garage label
Wowoka : label des Cherokees Eva : 80's reissues of US psyche bands
la discographie du Rock Français chez Ripost for other french independant labels : visit Fourdu's
(Closer, Sonics, Gougnaf, Bondage records, ...)
Munster records (Spain) issued several records released by, or under licensed from New Rose - singles discography