The Lyres 1989 : Let's have a party - live LPs

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Let's have a party

Live 1983 - Let's Have a Party! - LP
1989 - Pryct (aka Crypt records) # 1004

1. Never met a girl like you before (R.Davies)
2. Soapy (M.Ward)
3. Gonna find a new love (A.Williams)
4. I really want you right now
5. Swing shift (R.Dangle/JL.Greek)
6. Take a look at me (R.Holden)
1. Buried alive
2. Tryin' just to please you
3. The way I feel about you (T.Waddington)
4. Nobody but me (R.Isley)
5. Busy body (R.L.Johnson)
6. What a girl can't do (T.Guernsey)
7. Let's have a party (Robinson)

She pays the rent live

She Pays The Rent Live - LP
1989 - Impossible (Spain) # IMP 009 - folded sleeve

I can't stop the want *
Jezebel *
Today I'm gay *
Here's a heart *
She pays the rent
How do you know *
You'll never do that
Not looking back
She's got eyes that tell lies
Signed D.C. (Arthur Lee) *
Help you Ann

Jeff Conolly : vocals, organ, tambourine and bottles
Jack Hickey : guitar
Matt Miklos : bass
John Smith : drums / Judd Williams : drums *

recorded in Madrid, Spain : 1987 & 1988 * / engineer : Carlos Roa

End Of The Line

End of an Error (End of the Line for the Lyres) - LP
1989 - Meconium Records, Boston # M-777 - limited edition of 400
1991 - Distorsions # DB-1005 (re-issue)

Early Lyres semi-official (?) compilation on Meconium label from Boston
Boston (Gene Clark)
No reason to complain (Alarm Clocks)
Here's a Heart (Tubbs, Regal)
Touch (Tax, Splinter)
You don't have to say you love me (Tax)
Signed J.C. (Lee, Echols, Fleckenstein)
Forever a loser to see (Kelsey)
Today I'm gay (Jay Jay's)
Can't stop the want (Wendy Horror show)
Jagged time lapse (White Whale)
Tried it Anygay (Jack Hickey)
Jizebel (Teddy Boys)
She's Got Eyes (Him / Others)
End of the Line (Jack Hickey)
(tracks as spelled on label)

We Sell Soul - spanish LP

We Sell Soul - LP
1991 - Imposible records (Spain) # IMP 021
actually a compilation of first recordings then difficult to find releases

Don't Give it Up Now (1979)
How Do You Know? (1979)
Geraldine (1980, Frank Rowe - The Classic Ruins)
Busy Men (1983) with The Del Fuegos.
Busy Body (1985)
How Can I Make Her Mine (1985)
Lyres Lyres (1986)
No More (1986)
Sun's Going Down (1986, cover of Wally Tax & The Outsiders)
We Sell Soul (as recorded for Roky Erickson tribute)


How Do You Know / Don't Give It Up Now - 7"
1991 - Impossible (Spain) - reissue of 1979 Sounds Interesting # 002

  • How do you know
  • Don't give it up now

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