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New Rose as a distributor

New Rose records

The first records on New Rose records were distributed by RCA (1981, mid 1982).
Then New Rose became to distribute first its own issues, then other labels, in particular small French labels, allowing them to focus on artistics while New Rose managed the manufacturing and distribution process. Many of those labels didn't survive to the end of New Rose records.
Except for the first records issued and distributed by New Rose in 1982, a price code can be found on the sleeves:
NR 1xx for 7", NR 2xx for 12", NR 3xx for LPs, NR 6xx for CD singles, NR 7xx for the CD albums)
In their first years, New Rose was also the distributor in France of such labels as the English 4-AD, Rough Trade, ...
In 1984, Musidisc began to (co)distribute New Rose records (adding their own code
MU xxx), it lasts untill end 1986, when New Rose records & distribution became big enough to distribute all their releases.
From late 1992, after label was sold to Fnac Music, the distribution was done by New Rose / Wotre Music Distribution (code
WM xxx)
(this page compiles mostly sub-labels and french indie labels, distributed by New Rose. It is very far from listing all records that have been distributed by New Rose, let's consider it as a list of examples) go
links for more details on these indie labels.

Main French independent labels distributed by New Rose:

see also : New Rose records released under license in other countries, and foreign labels distributor

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