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Last CallLast Call records (Patrick Mathe's label after New Rose)
LAST CALL ON-LINE RECORD STORE (re-issues of Gun Club, The Saints, Arthur Lee, ...) or New Rose Stories - ltd.collector 4-CD-box and the compilation CD

Flamingo - Patrick Mathe's label before New Rose
Munster records (Spain) they issued several records released by New Rose, directly or under licensed from New Rose (and now Last Call) - they still happen to reissue records listed here.
Other INDIES labels from France
Mélodies Massacre, Surfin'Bird, Gymnote, Wowoka, Fu Manchu, Lolita, Tutti Frutti, Swamp, ...
Other french independant labels :
Closer, Sonics, Bondage records, Gougnaf, ... visit Fourdu's

Comotion : issued last Fleshtones & Certain General opus

la discographie du Rock Français chez Ripost/Euthanasie [impressionnant, avec un grand nombre des auto-productions 80s et 90s] - par groupe - par label

French Punk/Oi/Hardcore 1977 - 1989 chez Euthanasie [excellent site with hundreds of french 7" from the 70/80s with pic sleeves, mp3 excerpts, ...] [Encyclopaedia French Pressing of 7" (sp & ep) of foreign artists, pic sleeves, mp3 excerpts]
  French New Wave
MOOVIE - Albert-Frank  
Willie Alexander - the artist's personal site The Apartments
Babel 17  
Chris Bailey (own personal site) Berurier Noir On Ze Oueb
Richard Barone Ricky Broussard's Two Hoots and a Holler
Carmaig de Forest Les Calamités Carrasco Certain General
Charles de Goal + interview 2008 The Official Chesterfield Kings Web Site
HIGH PRIEST "It's another useless Alex Chilton website!" by Crawdaddy Simon Anne Clark, Official Homepage
The UnOfficial Collection d'Arnell-Andrea home page the Count - Joe Viglione pages
Patrick Coutin The Cramps "THEY OOZE, YOU'LL THROB." (all ?? the bootlegs)
The Cramps Page
Cub Koda - 1948-2000 (by Teisco Del Rey) - the official source for all things Cub Koda !
Totally DAMNED
Bo Diddley - The Originator Die Form web
Dramaramaland EASYFEVER - Easybeats Fan Site
Eleventh Dream Day (discog.) Roky Erickson [Creator & Owner : Eric Erickson]
Alejandro Escovedo Home Page Esquerita
Tav Falco Panther Burns  
Dr Feelgood official website (& Chris D. & Divine Horsemen)
Rev.Neve FUGS' page Phil Gammage
The GG Allin SuperSite  
Giant Sand (official) Green on Red (discographie)
Goodbye Jeffrey Lee (Ger's on Gun Club & Jeffrey)
The Gun Club & Jeffrey Lee Pierce (Hellione's)
Port of Souls - Gun Club & Jeffrey Lee Pierce - en français
Inmates (complete discography)  
Bruce Joyner / The Unknowns La Sourie Déglinguée
Lyres La Sourie Déglingué
Arthur Lee and Love discography Tim Lee - the king of uptown
The Unofficial Lyres Home Page Mad Daddys : official site
Mary Goes Round - le Site  
R.Stevie Moore (his personal own site) Elliott Murphy (official site, français et anglais)
Nervous Eaters Neurones en Folie
Mojo Nixon A Dead Place - Numb's Biography
Plimsouls The Primevals
Psyche, the official page Pungy Sticks
Real Kids on Boston Rock Storybook (by Joe Harvard)
Real Kids Martin Rev, Alan Vega & Suicide
RISE and FALL of a DECADE Paul Roland Website
Calvin Russell ... Texas Rock site The Saints Directory
The Saints electric caravan
Stephan Sheehan (& Digital Sex) Les Sheriff rock musique français
Shoes Sky Cries Mary, official site
Sky Saxon and the Seeds Specimen
The Chris Spedding Guitar Grafitti
Stoogeland - The Stooges, discography , live guide ... very useful & complete  
Johnny Thunders' cyber lounge (THE site about J.T. & New York Dolls) Russ Tolman's Little Motel on Web 66
Love Is All Around - The Troggs Official Webpages the Maureen "Moe" Tucker web page - A new form of beauty The fabulous Wailers
Warum Joe Les Wampas vous aiment
Saylor White  
Johnny Winter Blues guitar legend
The Johnny Winter Story
The Official Eric Goulden/Wreckless Eric Page
BLUES WORD by Joe Harvard
Du Rififi chez les indépendants [petite histoire du rock indépendant par Alex Meunier]  
SEARCH & DESTROY - engine for early punk etc... Punk Rock in my Veins

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