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from 1992:
the Fnac years

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ROSE247 - Live at the Kremlin volume one (1991) LP/CS & CD w/ 6 extra tracks *
Big time operator - The Leroi Brothers
Flammes d'enfer -
The Leroi Brothers
You're gonna miss me -
The Leroi Brothers *
Common Man
- The Unknows w.Bruce Joyner
Hippy hippy shake
- The Unknows w.Bruce Joyner
Good golly miss Molly
- The Unknows w.Bruce Joyner *
Destiny -
Elliott Murphy *
Everyday -
Elliott Murphy
Diamonds by the yard -
Elliott Murphy
Vegas -
Russ Tolman
You're my baby - Calvin Russell
My way -
Calvin Russell
Baby what you want me to do -
Calvin Russell *
Ain't working no more -
Red River *
Come on over -
Red River
Goin' down -
Red River
Swing for the crime -
Chris Bailey
Curtains -
Chris Bailey *
Fan club -
Brian James
recorded live on November 13, 14, 15, 16th 1990 at the espace André Malraux, Kremlin-Bicètre (near Paris), during 10th anniversary of New Rose
// sleeve - japanese CD release on Teichiku # TECP-25793 (1990)

ROSE248 - Live au Kremlin volume deux (1991) LP/CS & CD w/ 9 extra tracks
Leek shark - Corman & Tuscadu *
Simple oubli -
Corman & Tuscadu
Rock On -
Les David Vincent *
Chicken walk -
Les David Vincent
Histoire d'aventure -
Patrick Vidal
Attitudes -
Marie et les Garçons *
Roadrunner - Marie et les Garçons
Elle se balance -
Music Box - Warum Joe
Ite missa est -
Warum Koe *
Bogota - Warum Koe *
Dans ta bouche - Soucoupes Violentes
T'as rien compris -
Soucoupes Violentes *
Irrecuperables -
Molodoi *
Génération perdue -
Runaway -
Croaks *
Sorry - Croaks
Kiss me love -
Mary Goes Round
Mary's yellow dreams -
Mary Goes Round *
Just a Story -
Little Egypt
enregistré en public les 13, 14, 15, 16 November 1990 à l'espace André Malraux, Kremlin-Bicètre, lors des concerts pour l'anniversaire des 10 ans de New Rose : 13/16 Nov. 1990
// sleeve

ROSE249 - PHIL GAMMAGE - Kneel to the rising sun (1991) LP/CD
1. Shed my skin - 2:57 (Gammage)
2. Painting of John - 3:36 (G.)
3. Season of rage - 4:14 (G.)
4. Everybody's talkin' at me - 3:00 (F.Neil)
5. Memories in a lonesome town - 2:32 (G.)
6. Something wicked this way comes - 5:08 (G.)
7. Through my window - 3:36 (Gammage, M.Jeffrey)
8. Crazy is the driver - 3:48 (G.)
9. Slide machine - 3:44 (P.StJohn)
10. Ride life like a horse - 5:21 (G.)
11. Kneel to the rising sun - 3:07 (G.)
Phil Gammage (ex-guitariste de Certain General) - lead vocals, acoustic & lead guitar, mandolin, harmonica / with: martin blazy - drums / vinny denuzio - percission, harmonica, vocals / Marc Jeffrey - dobro, slide, 12-string & electric guitar / D.Lee - bass / Davif Kaufman - piano
produced by Gammage, recorded at harold dessau, n.v. // cover design Gammage

Phil Gammage

ROSE250 - JOE HELL - 1 (1991) LP/CS/CD w/ bonus tracks*
1.En Proie (5.22)
2.Justice (3.44)
3.SK8 (3.38)
4.Green Peace (1.35)
5.L'Affront (3.51) *
6.Les Hauts-Parleurs (1.11) *
7.Bleu (6.23) *
8.Quand la pluie tombe (4.50)
9.Je n'ai pas le temps (3.15)
10.Sylvie (4.07)
11.Les mots m'assaillent (3.39)
12.Que c'est doux (3.50)
13.Reverie Body (4.52)
14.Nuit d'été (3.26)
tous les titres sont écrits par Joe Hell et composés par Arto Skee a P'tit Tchong
enregistré au studio Garage (Paris) produit et réalisé par Barner pour Garage

Joe Hell is the ex-Oberkamp singer

Joe Hell

ROSE251 - CYCLOPE - Hey! (1991) LP/CS/CD
Guerrier de la route (Cyclope)
Ma télé (Cyclope)
Hey! (Cyclope)
Une fin sur mesure (Cyclope)
Always be mine (Cyclope)
Trois jours et trois nuits (Cyclope)
Dépêchez-vous (Cyclope)
Nothing for you (Cyclope)
Ils cherchent (Cyclope)
Malika (Cyclope)
Il attend (Cyclope)
Gérard Cousin: guitare,chant / Philippe Austruy: Basse,vocaux / Didier Austruy: Batterie,vocaux / Y.Guillard: Trompette,beugle / A.Guillard: Sax / Diabolo: Harmonica / P.Levy: Claviers


ROSE252 - LHO - Meli Melo (1991) LP/CS/CD
Nosferatu (Marc Boulet) 2.33
Last time blues (M.B.) 2.36
Les filles en fourrure (Assia Kassaï/ Eric Boisset) 2.00
Meli Melo (Marc Boulet) 2.07
Pourquoi pas (Assia Kassaï) 3.21
Le sale môme (M.B.) 2.32
guitare: Kéké / basse : Eric B. / batterie : Denis / Chant : Sissi / Choeurs : Valdingue, Véro / Solo sur Last Time et Les Filles : P'tit Louis des Rouquins
enregistré à Paris, studio Luna Rossa, nov.90 / produit par Stéphane Guichard, Jean-Michel Pigeau, LHO
photos Alain Duplantier
// pochette


ROSE253 - CHRIS BAILEY - Demons (1991) - LP/CS/CD
Marquis of Queensberry
Return to Zero
Edgar Allan Poe
Running Away from Home
Fade Away
Marie Antoinette
Rusting in the Moonlight
That's the way it goes
Up All Night
vocals & acoustic guitar: Chris Bailey / electric & acoustic guitars: Jack Holder / keyboards: Joe Ciafalo / bass: Sam Shoup, Dave Smith / drums: Harry Peel, Steve Mergen / trumpet: Reid McCoy / trombone: Ken Spain Jr./ saxophone: Jim Spake / piano: Tony Thomas / Strings: Lester A Snell Jr.(arr.)
recorded at Ardent and Kiva studios, Memphis, Tennessee
produced by Jim Gaines and Chris Bailey
sleeve design Pierre Baroni / photo Alain Duplantier
also released by Mushroom (1991, Australia & Europe, NL #
9031 75014-2) : same sleeve, same tracks

Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey, tape

ROSE254 - KNI CRIK - Le massacre du printemps (1991) - LP/CS/CD
1. Le massacre du printemps 3:52
2. La danse de la petite fumée 3:38
3. Backioüma 2:57
4. Le grand pogonophore 2:33
5. Eïna 3:08
6. O Woko 2:28
7. O Mana 4:37
8. Une valse 1:15
9. Gorges en feu 4:23
10. Canniba 3:48
11. La sonnette du serpent 3:56
12. Barnum Circus 2:12
Alain Juteau - sax ténor, percussions, tuyaux, saxotrompe, ... / Bezak - chant, sax alto, tuyaux, grelots / Jean-Michel Roux - chant, guitares, basses, percussions / Olivier Colé - batterie
produit par Jean Donati / enregistré au studio Mix-It, au studio de la Madeleine

Kni Krik

ROSE255 - Les PASADENA - Les Pasadenas (1991) - LP/CS/CD
Salut Martin (adapt.Marc Police)
Vice Versa (Marc Police)
Nikuhiva (Marc Police)
Très rapide (Marc Police)
Tonite (I'm walkin) (Marc Police)
Nazz thème 1 (Marc Police)
Last one (Marc Police)
Nazz thème 3 (Marc Police)
Sorry (for the way I've treatened you) (Adrian Lloyd)
Hold on (Greenwich, Spector, Barry)
Marc Police (ex-Wampas) : chant, guitare / Rackam : basse, cheurs / Marc Delamotte : sax, choeurs / Bercko : batterie, choeurs // cheurs et claps : Les Pasadena.
enregistré aux studios Pathé et WW.

Les Pasadena

ROSE256 / 422306 - CALVIN RUSSELL - Sounds from the fourth world (1991) LP/CS & CD w/ 1 extra track
1.You're my Baby (C. Russell)
 2.Last night (R.Minus)
 3.One meat ball (J.White)
 4.Crossroads (S.White)
 5.May be someday (C. Russell)
 6.Rockin' the tepublicans (R.Minus)
7.Baby I love You (C. Russell)
 8.Loves stealer (J.Clark)
 9.You don't know (C. Russell/L.Waddell)
10.Down down down (K.Ford/C. Russell)
11.One meat ball (Acoustic)
(J.White) *
vocal, guitar: Calvin Russell. drums: Leland Waddell. bass: David Waddell. guitar: Gary Craft. Sax: Tomas Ramirez. background vocal: Kimmie Rhodes.
recorded at Arlyn Studios - Austin. producer: Joe Gravey
reissued by Last Call

Calvin Russell

ROSE257 - RICKY BROUSSARD'S TWO HOOTS & A HOWLER - No man's land (1991) - LP/CD
Step Fast *
No Love Have I *
I could forgive you
Middle of the night *
Swan Song *
Love Me
Carry on *
I'm gonna Love you Too
Fyfty Miles Away...
Blues in the Night *
No Man's Land
Ricky Broussard - guitar, vocal / Vic Gerard - bass, vocal / Chris Staples - drums
special guests: Rick "Casper" Rawls - guitar *, acoustic lead on "Blues in the night" / "Mambo" John Treanor - rub-board + groove enhancement / Steve Doerr - harmonica on "Middle of the night' . John X.Reed - lead guitar on "Love me" / Sean Mencher - lead handclap on "No Love have I"
* recorded sept.1990 Studio 1621, Austin, Texas / all others recorded dec.1990 Sound Recorders Studio, Austin, Tx. / produced by Vic Gerard, Rick Broussard and Rick Rawls
CD = same tracklist

Ricky Broussard LP
Ricky Broussard CD

ROSE258 - CHRIS BURROUGHS - [Trade of chains] (1991) - LP/CD

Trade Of Chains - 4:03
Walking The Length Of
Zion - 3:32
Signs Of
Life - 4:00
Radio - 5:03
Mile Wide
Road - 3:14
Too Many Criminals - 3:20
Raining On
New Years - 3:44
Airplanes Landing In The
Snow - 3:59
Sounds Of
Silence - 3:12
Today - 5:22
Trade Of
Chains (reprise) - 4:07
Chris Burroughs - vocals, guitars, B-3 / Johnny Ray - drums, kick ans snare / Jacob Martinez - bass / Jeff LeGore - bass, acoustic bass, fretless bass / Pen Pendleton - percussion, rattlesnake shake, tambourine / Chris Cacavas - piano, accordeon / Lance Kaufman - B-3, piano
recorded at Trax, Hollywood, Cal. / produced by Chris Burroughs
/ sleeve design by
reissued compiled with "
West of Texas" as a CD in 1997 by Blue Rose (Germany)

Chris Burroughs - trade of chains LP
Chris Burroughs - trade of chains CD

ROSE259 - ANNE CLARK - Unstill life (1991) - LP/CS/CD
The Moment (M:Clarck/Morgan) 3.24
Songsvann (M:Chowrimootoo) 1.17
The Spinning turning of the summer earth (M:Ramstad) 3.53
Ice Moving (instrumental) (M:Ramstad) 2.32
White Silence (M:Ramstad) 2.33
Makes Me Feel at Ease (M:Ramstad) 1.14
Unstill Life (M:Ramstad) 2.27
Empty Me (M:Clarck/Morgan) 3.45
Nida (M:Ramstad) 6.12
Counter Act (M:Glanzbourg) 4.57
Abuse (M:Morgan) 3.54
Silent Prayer (M:Reaney) 2.31
Closed Circuit
Charlie Morgan: keyboards on 1, 8, 11 / Michelle Chowrimootoo: percussion & keyboards on 2, 4, 9 / Tov Ramstad: contra bass a keyboards on 3, 4, 6, 7 / Truls Jedemo: keyboards on 3, 9 / Audrey Riley: cello on 5, 6, 7, 9 / Ida Baalsrud: violin on 5, 6, 7, 9 / Glen Fox: drums & percussion on 9 / Mark Feda: programming & keyboards on 11 / Serge Glanzbourg: programming on 10 & effects on 13
produced by serge Glanzbourg, except "Abuse" - Mark Felda // all lyrics by Anne clarck

Anne Clark

ROSE260 - LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY - Retro rocket back to earth - LP (1991)
- Retro rocket back to earth + Rides again - CD
 Retro rocket back to earth Rides again
3.Geiger Counter
4.Westward Trek
5.Stealth Cowboy
7.Credit Card Blues
8.I Hate CDs *
9.There'll Be Hot Coffee
10.The Magic In Your Eyes
11.Egyptian Maiden
12.Linda (reprise)
14.I Ride A Tractor
15.Someone Took The Yellow From My Egg
16.Pahrump *
17.World's Worst Titles *
18.Red Telephone
19.Idiots Running Sideways
21.Red Eyes
23.Rubber Hits The Road
24.I Love My Bed
25.New Jersey Turnpike

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy : vocals, bugles / Joey Myers: drums / Frank Novicki : guitars, etc. / Teddy Bear Jones : bass, etc. / Maya Knox : phiddel
CD has been reissued by Last Call in 1997 #422458

Legendary Stardust Cowboys

Angels (Holsapple/Stamey)
I know you will (Holsapple)
Here without You (Clark)
Close your eyes (Stamey)
Anymore (Holsapple)
I Want to break your heart (Stamey)
She was the One (Holsapple)
Geometry (Stamey)
The child in you (Holsapple)
Lovers Rock (Stamey)
Taken (Holsapple)
Haven't got the right (to treat me wrong) (Stamey)
Chris Stamey -Organ, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Piano, Accordion, Drums / Peter Holsapple -Organ, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Piano, Autoharp, Drums / Gene Holder -Guitar / Dave Schramm -Electric & Steel Guitar / Ilene Markell -Electric Bass, BassGuitar / James MacMillan -Vocals, Fretless Bass / Alan Bezozi -Drums / Michael Blair -Percussion, Drums, Glockenspiel / Chris Butler -Tambourine / Michael Shockley -Tambourine / Jane Scarpantoni -Cello
alse issued in 1991 by Rhino RNA

Holsapple & Stamey

ROSE 262 - GUN CLUB - Divinity - dble 12" & CD w/ 1 extra track *
A- Sorrow Knows
B1- Richard Speck
B2- Keys to the Kingdom
B3- Black Hole
C- Yellow Eyes (live)
D1- Hearts (live)
D2- Fire of Love (live)
Sorrow Knows
Richard Speck
Keys to the Kingdom
Black Hole
St.John's Divine (remix) *
Yellow Eyes (live)
Hearts (live)
Fire of Love (live)
Jeffrey Lee Pierce : vocals, guitars & lead guitar / Romi Mori : bass & backing vocals / Kid Congo Powers : guitars, eastern instruments and philosophy / Desi : drums on Sorrow Knows, Richard Speck, Black Hole, Keys to the Kingdom
Nick Sanderson : all other drums / produced by Jeffrey Lee Pierce, recorded at ICP, Bruxelles
12" w/ pic.inner sleeve

Gun Club - Divinity

ROSE263 - Dr FEELGOOD - Primo (1991) LP/CS/CD
Heart of the City (Lowe) 3.00
My sugar turns to alcohol (Birch/Douglas/Dr.Feelgood) 4.46
Going Down (Nix) 3.58
No Time (Cale) 4.00
World in a Jug (Taylor/Parra/Vestine/Hite) 4.00
If my Baby quit me (Morgan) 3.41
Primo Blues (Dr.Feelgood) 1.09
Standing at the crossroads again (Jupp) 3.17
Been down so long (The Doors) 4.54
Don't Worry Baby (Rosas/Perez/Burnett) 2.45
Down by the Jetty blues (Birch/Dr.Feelgood) 5.52
Two Times Nine (Harrington) 4.58
Lee Brilleaux: Vocals, Harp, Slide guitar / Steve Walwyn: Guitar, Slide, back.vocals /- Kevin Morris: Drums, percussion / Dave Bronze: Bass /& Ben Donelly (Inmates): Bass on 6,9,12 / Phil Mitchell: Bass on 4,5,11
recorded at Greenhouse Studios / produced by Willy Birch

Dr Feelgood

ROSE264 - TAV FALCO - Life sentence - LP/CD
My Mind was messed up at the time (Mack Rice) 3:28
Torture (P.Humphrey/J.Sundquist) 2:05
Vampire from Havana (E.Baffle) 2:46
Make me know you're mine (Schroeder & Hill) 2:35
Go on Home (Don Cole/S.Clark) 1:56
Auto Sapiens (E.Baffle) 2:48
Guarda Che Luna (G.Malgoni) 4:28
Oh, Girls, Girls (J.Turnbow/B.Finnican/L.Parks) 2:39
(I'm gonna) Dig Myself a Hole (A.Crudup) 3:55
Sent Up (Mack Rice) 2:53
What's Wrong? (M.L.Hodges) 4:59
Why was I born (E.Baffle) 2:56
Only the lonely (Roy Drusky) 2:47
Tav Falco, vocal, guitar / James Luther Dickinson (Mudboy & the Neutrons), guitar, piano, clavinet, organ / Ross Johnson, drums / Roland Robinson, bass / Ron Easley, guitar / Alex Chilton, guitar / Tennie Hodges, guitar
produced by Alex Chilton
// sleeve

Tav Falco

ROSE265 - GG ALLIN + ANTISEEN - Murder Junkies (1991) LP/CS/CD
Savage Blood Bath
Murder For The Mission - Terrorist Anarchy
Sidewalk Walking
I Love Nothing
Self Absorbed
99 Stab Wounds - Decapitation Ritual
No Limits No Laws
War In My Head - I'm Your Enemy
A Dead Fuck
Sister Sodomy - Death And Defication
Kill, Kill,Kill
Violence Now - Assassinate The President
Drink From The Pissing Snakes Mouth
Rape, Torture, Terminate And Fuck
Guns And Revolution
Kill The Police - Destroy The System
Immortal Pieces Of Me
My Prison Walls - 206045
Death Before Life - Bloody Cunt Slider
I Hate People
w/ Jeff Clayton - drums/back.vocals, Joe Young - guitar, Tom O'Keefe - bass, Doug Throgmorton - drums, Jeff Young
Also released on Baloney Shrapnel Records (w/ only 16 tracks)

GG Allin + Antiseen
GG Allin + Antiseen CS

ROSE266 - DE MEDICIS - Hellish (1991) - LP/CD
Hellish hole (Planchenault, Rindone) 3.26
Stray dog (P.,R.) 3.10
Depression corrida (P.,R.) 3.36
Country man (P.,R.) 4.20
The storm (P.,R.) 3.54
Elodï (P.,R.) 3.40
The wind (P.,R.) 4.20
Il est né... (P.,R.) 3.44
Stupid lovers (P.,R.) 3.57
Lightning (the power) (P.,R.) 2.42
Strange (Robyn Hitchcock) 5.00
Les enfants de la révolution (P.,R./Marc Bolan) 2.59
Jérôme Planchenault - chant, basse / J.Michel Rindone - guitares, chant /Japy Lo Pinto - batterie, percussions, choeurs [Grenoble, Fr.]
enregistré er mixé au studio Square - Bruxelles par Bruno Donini en mars-avril 91

De Medicis

ROSE267 - MARY GOES ROUND - Mary in Wonderland (1991) - LP/CS/CD
Marie Adore ça
Miss You
l'Ami Saoulant
T.V. Girl
Chair de Plaisir
Magic Lift
les Gens de Gris
Following the Angel
Mai/Juin 91 studio Mix-it

Mary Goes Round

ROSE268 - TAIL GATORS - Swamp's up [LP/CD]
Sawap's Up (Leady)
Feel Like I'm Fallin'
Dust Devil
Psychotic Reaction
(Count Five)
Columbia Rocks
Voodoo Doll (Leady/Smith)
Ride of the Ruthless
Look Up
Blue Northern
Bare Footin'
(The Scarletts)
Don Leady - vocals, guitar, accordian, farfisa organ / J.J.Barrera - bass, bajo quinto, vocals / Gary "Mudcat" Smith - drums, vocals / produced by Don Leady, recorded at Arlyn Studios, Austin, Texas

Tail Gators

ROSE269 - ELLIOTT MURPHY - If poets were king (mini CD, 1991)
Rio Grande Revisited - 3.10
On the Wings of Icarus - 3.07
Something like Steve McQueen (unrealesed) 4.38
Sunflower - 3.28
Eliza - 3.23
If Poets were King - 4.17
Rio Grande Revisited, On The Wings of Icarus, & If Poets Were King : Produced by Elliott Murphy & Roger Robindore Recorded at studio 60 Lausanne, Switzerland / Elliott Murphy - guitar vocal, harmonica / Roger Robindore - drums, mandolin, percussion / Art Labriola - organ, piano / Ernie Brooks - bass, vocal // Something Like Steve McQueen & Eliza: Produced by Elliott Murphy, Ernie Brooks, Roger Robindore / Recorded at Studio of the Three Brothers, Paris, France / Elliott Murphy vocal, guitar, harmonica / Ernie Brooks - bass, vocal / Roger Robindore - drums & bongoes / Benoit Urban - accordion // Sunflower : Produced by Roger Robindore & Elliott Murphy / Recorded at Sweet Life, Lausanne, Switzerland / Elliott Murphy - vocal, guitar, harmonia / Tony Machine - drums / Art Labriola - drums / Ernie Brooks - bass
// sleeve

Elliott Murphy

ROSE270 / 422291 - DICK RIVERS - Holly Days in Austin, version française (dec.1991) - 2xLP/ CS/CD
Austin!! Oh Boy! ("Oh Boy!" S.West/ B.Tringman/ N.Petty) 2.11
("Rave On" S.West/ B.Tringman/ N.Petty) 3.21
Elle a l'rythme
("Well all right" N.Petty/ B.Holly/ J.Allison/ J.Mauldin) 2.45
("Heartbeat" B.Montgomery/ N.Petty/ B.Droguet) 3.21
Quelques notes pour la mort d'un amour
("it doesn't matter anymore" P.Anka) 2.35
Mauvais signe
("Reminiscing" K.Curtis) 2.55
Y a qu'toi qui sais (ma p'tite canaille)
("True love ways" B.Holly/ N.Petty) 2.35
C'est une femme
("Take your time" B.Holly/ N.Petty) 2.18
Envie d'elle
("Everyday" N.Petty/ C.Hardin) 3.08
Y a pas de remède à l'amour fou
("Love's made a fool of you" B.Holly/ B.Montgomery) 2.52
Oublie ("Wishing" B.Holly/ B.Montgomery) 3.03
Laisse-moi tomber
("Listen to me" C.Hardin/ N.Petty) 2.16
Daisy! Daisy! ("It's so easy" B.Holly/ N.Petty) 2.26
Un seul baiser d'elle
("That'll be the day" B.Holly/ N.Petty/ J.Allison) 2.41
Hé Oui Baby!
("Maybe baby" N.Petty/ C.Hardin) 2.14
Fais c'que tu veux
("Think it over" B.Holly/ N.Petty/ J.Allison) 2.11
Y a qu'ça de vrai
("Not fade away" C.Hardin/ N.Petty) 2.34
Comme un Fleuve Fou
("Words of love" B.Holly) 2.43
Sourire, Souffrir ou Pire
("crying, waiting, hoping" B.Holly) 3.08
On est tous dans le même Rock'n'Roll
("I'm lookin' for someone to love" B.Holly/ N.Petty) 1.47
Dick Rivers : vocals - Chris Spedding : guitars - Charlie Sexton : guitars / bass / piano - Speedy Sparks : bass / acoustic guitar - Mike Buck : drums - Floyd Domino : piano - Denis Benarosh : percussion
recorded at Arlyn Sound Studios, Austin Texas / produced by Joe Gracey
originaux par Buddy Holly, paroles françaises : Bernard Droguet
// graphisme

Dick Rivers LP

Dick Rivers CD

ROSE271 - PAJAMA SLAVE DANCERS - Full metal underpants (1991) LP/CD
King Neptune
Full Metal Bikini
Driven to Kill
Spank the Moose
Crazy guy with a knife
Gray fist
Surfing Sabbath
R.Y.A (Rock your ass)
Aunts in my pants
Tie me up and spank me
Problems with Sects
I want to be a girl
Santa meets Godzilla
Scott Blood (bass, vocals #8) / Dirk Futon (drums, vocals #16) / Steve Westfield (guitar, vocals # 3, 6, 10, 12) / Dave Montovani (vocals, guitar)
produced by Mr.Beautiful Steve Barry / recorded at Syntex Studio Boston, Ma.

Pajama Slave Dancers

ROSE272 - INMATES - Inside out (1991) LP/CS/CD
 1.Busted (Peter Staines)
 2.Making Time (K.Pickett / E.Phillips)
 3.Rescue Me (S.O.S.) (Peter Staines)
 4.Night And Day (Peter Staines)
 5.Grass Is Greener (Peter Staines)
 6.Hey Landlord (Peter Staines)
 7.It's Better To Have (And Don't need) (Covay/ Watts)
 8.Nervous Breakdown (Peter Staines)
 9.Precious Blue (Peter Staines)
10.My Dark Side (Peter Staines)
11.Come Back Babe (I'm In Love With You) (Staines)
12.Forever (Ain't So Long)
(Peter Staines)
13.You Got The Look I Like
(Peter Staines)
14.I Think I'd Better Move On (Hurley / Jenkins)
Bill Hurley - vocals / Peter Gunn - guitars / Tony oliver - guitars / Ben Donnelly - bass guitar / Eddie Edwards - drums
Sam Brown : backing vocals / Ian Gibbons : keyboards / Richard Lightman : lap steel guitar / Joen (Irish) Earle : saxophone
recorded at The Greenhouse Studio, London, august 91 / produced by Richard Lightman


ROSE273 - MOE TUCKER - I spent a week there the other night (oct.1991) [LP-green vinyl /CS/ CD w/1 bonus track *]
Fired Up - 3'57
That's Bad -
Lazy -
S.O.S. -
Blue, all the way to Canada -
(and) the he kissed me - 2'40
Too Shy -
Stayin' Put -
Baby, Honey, Sweetie -
I'm not -
  I'm waiting for the man *
musicians - John Cale, Victor DeLorenzo, David Doris, Don Fleming, Brian Ritchie, Daniel Hutchens, Jim Morris, Sterling Morrison, Lou Reed, Micelle Saacks, John Sluggett, Moe Tucker, Sonny Vincent
recorded & mixed at toxic skock, N.Y. / all songs produced & arranged by Moe Tucker
[ black vinyl test pressing ]

Moe Tucker

ROSE274/ 422292 - DICK RIVERS - Holly Days in Austin, version américaine - LP/CS/CD (dec.1991)
Oh Boy! (S.West/ B.Tringman/ N.Petty)
Well All Right
(N.Petty/ B.Holly/ J.Allison/ J.Mauldin)
(B.Montgomery/ N.Petty/ B.Droguet)
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
(N.Petty/ C.Hardin)
Not Fade Away
(C.Hardin/ N.Petty)
True Love Ways (B.Holly/ N.Petty)
Take Your Time
(B.Holly/ N.Petty)
(B.Holly/ B.Montgomery)
Maybe Baby
(N.Petty/ C.Hardin)
Crying, Waiting, Hoping
Dick Rivers : vocals - Chris Spedding : guitars - Charlie Sexton : guitars / bass / piano - Speedy Sparks : bass / acoustic guitar - Mike Buck : drums - Floyd Domino : piano - Denis Benarosh : percussion
recorded at Arlyn Sound Studios, Austin Texas / produced by Joe Gracey

Dick Rivers LP
Dick Rivers CD

ROSE275 - EDDIE RAY PORTER - 3 [Letter to Mary] (1991) - LP/CD
1. When the Wheels Touch Down
2. In My Dream
3. Bring Me Forever
4. Dear Mary
5. Tomorrow came Today
6. About Her
7. I Don't Believe You
8. God Song
9. Shoot Into The Light
10. In My Eyes
11. Evensong

E. R. Porter: guitar, keyboards, vocals / Vudi: guitar / T. Mallon: guitar, bass, drums / C. Gillingham: keyboards / L. Dekker, A. Paolo & S. Siegrist: bass / L. Beary: drums.
Produced by T. Mallon & E. R. Porter. 

Eddie Ray Porter CD
ROSE276 - HENRY VESTINE - Guitar ganster (1991) - LP/CD
1. Henry's Boogie
2. Guitar Pickin Fool
3. Henry Comes to Austin
4. Drunk
5. Lookin Good
6. I'm a Whore
7. No Phone
8. The Stumble
9. Oh Henry
10. No Care Boogie
11. I Wish your picture was you
12. Marty Miss you
13. Six O'Clock
14. Troubles, Troubles
15. Death Blues
16. Heny's Blues
Henry Vestine (ex-Canned Heat) - guitar / Dan Mc Cann - bass / Mike Buck - drums / Jimmy Carl Black - drums / Mark Kopi - guitar / Marcia Ball - piano / Evan Johns - guitar, vocals
produced by Evan Jones - recorded & mixed at Studio 1621, Austin, Tx, june 1991
// sleeve , photo P.Mathé

HENRY VESTINE - Guitar Gangster

ROSE277 - PAUL ROLAND - Roaring boys (1991) - LP & CD w/ 3 extra tracks
Roaring Boys
Resurrection Joe
The Executioner's Song
Sad Sweet Smile
The Poets and the Painters
Doctor Rocque
The Ministrel's Song (is all our love in vain?)
Come to the Sabbat
Hurdy Gurdy Man (Donovan Leitch)*
Who do you love (Bo Diddley)*
Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache (Warren Smith)*
Paul Roland : vocals and acoustic guitars / Derek Heffernan : lead and rhythm guitars / Chris Randall : keyboards / Jenny Benwell : violins / John Tracey : bass / Simon Jeffrey : drums - produced by Paul Roland / recorded at Eleswhere Studios, Kent. Sept.1991 // * CD extra tracks : Paul Roland : vocals and acoustic guitars, Nick Saloman : bass and lead guitar - recorded at Elsewhere Studio on Sept.6th 1991
// sleeve
w/P.Roland, Chloé

Paul Roland LP
Paul Roland CD

ROSE278 - CHRIS STAMEY - Fireworks (1991) LP/CD
The Company of light
Something came over me
Glorious Delusion
Time is running out
Two places at once
Perfect Time
The Newlyweds
On the Radio (for Ray Davies)
All the heart's desire / Black orchid
Fireworks (Still Life #5)
The Brakeman's consolation
I want you
You don't miss your water
Chris Stamey with : Peter Holsapple, Peter Buck, Mitch Easter, Gene Holder, Anton Fier, Graham Maby, Alan Bezozi, Michael Shockle, Faye Hunter, Fran Kowalski, Don Dixon, Cathy Harrington, Dave Schramm, Eric Marshall, Graham Maby, Terry Adams

Chris Stamey

ROSE279 / 422155 - ROBERT GORDON - Greetings from New York city (1991-jan.92) LP/CD
Heartfull of Soul (Gouldman)
My Babe
Something's Gonna Happen
Someday Someway
One More Heartache
Just Because
(Lloyd Price)
Three Time Loser (D.Covay/Miller)
Love You So
Linda Lu
(Ray Sharpe)
Love Me
So Young
I'm Dreaming of You
recorded live at West Side Station, NYC, 1991 with Chris Spedding on guitar
produced by Robert gordon and Chris Spedding
/ sleeve Chloé
released in Japan under license on Teichiku # TECX-25131

Robert Gordon LP
Robert Gordon CD

ROSE280 - RUSS TOLMAN - Road Movie (1992) LP/CD
1.Pride and Shame (Russ Tolman) 3:46
2.Sleepin' all alone (words RT, music Steve Wynn) 3:57
3.The one who got away (RT) 4:27
4.Mr.Submarine (RT) 4:23
5.Something about a rowboat (RT) 4:27
6.I don't wanna talk about the weather (RT) 2:48
7.For a smile (RT) 4:07
8.That's my story and I'm sticking to it (RT) 4:20
9.Lonesome fugitive (L.Anderson/ C.Anderson) 3:07
10.Gila Bend (RT) 1:24
11.Letters they flatter (RT) 4:15
12.Pride and Shame (reprise) 1:05
Russ Tolman - vocals, electric and 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars / Jon Klages - lead guitars, back.vocals / Dave Provost (Droogs) - fender bass guitar / Ned Leukhardt (Wall of Woodoo) - drums / Chis Cacavas (Green on Red) - organ, piano, accordion, backing vocals / costarring : Robert Lloyd (Dream Syndicate) - mandolin on 2, 4, 5 / Jeff Kane - lead and rhythm guitar on 5, 6, 9 / with : Chris Bauer - pedal steel guitar / Sid Griffin (Long Ryders, Coal Porters) - back.vocals on 9 / Darra Crouch - back.vocals on 9 / and Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate) - lizard vocal on 3
produced and directed by Russ Tolman and Brett Gurewitz; recorded at Westbeach Recorders, Hollywood, Cal.
/ re-released (1999?) on Germany's Red River label.

Russ Tolman

ROSE281 - MARC MINELLI - Casiorchestra Kitchen music Vol.1 (ROSE 281 CD) (1991)
Love will always...
Rooster Jones
Funky Hands
Kitchen Music
Sound of Thunder
"E" Stories
See the Sun
Your biggest fan
Living Alone
UFO's no UFO's
All songs words & music by Marc Minelli

Marc Minelli

ROSE 282 / 422151 - Alain Giroux/Jean-Louis Mahjun - Rencontre du deuxième type (1992) LP/CS/CD
Saint-James Infirmary (trad. / Giroux) 4'27
Shake it babe (J.L Hooker) 4'49
Old pants blues (Mahjun / Giroux) 3'39
Lover's boogie (Mahjun / Giroux) 2'59
Angie (Graham) 3'28
Shake your money maker (Butterfield) 2'40
Mississipi in blue (Mahjun / Giroux) 2'50
Travelling man (trad. / D.Watson) 2'36
Meeting in swing (Mahjun / Giroux) 3'35
Don't mind the way she loves me (Mahjun) 3'15
Unkind girl blues (Mahjun / Giroux) 3'06
Georgia bound (A.Blake) 3'39
Candle boogie (Mahjun / Giroux) 2'07
Piccolo rag (Blind Boy Fuller) 2'40
Drifting blues (Brown / Moore) 2'58
A.Giroux:Guitare électrique,vocal / J.L Mahjun:Violons,mandolines électriques,vocal
later issed by Last Call

ROSE 283 - JACK HARDY - Two of Swords (1992) LP/CD
Your time is your own 3.12
Forget-me-not 4.13
A way 3.50
Trees bear witness 4.13
Fancy free (the two of swords) 3.09
Southwind 3.02
All in time 3.49
Cross my heart 3.24
Silver penny 2.52
The blue garden 2.57
Countdown 3.29
Blue on the Bottom 4.34
jack Hardy: vocal, acoustic guitar / lisa Gutkin: violin, harmony vocals / greg Anderson: bass, harmony vocals / tom Lenahan: drums / david Cantor: acoustic and electric guitar / wendy Beckerman: harmony vocals
recorded may 11 and 12, 1991 at 178 w.Houston street, NYC live
booklet with the lyrics / sleeve design

Jack Hardy

ROSE 284 / 422231 - RICH MINUS - Collection (1991) LP/CD/CS
1.Rockin the republicans
2.She's got to move
3.Arm and a leg
4.Mexican brown
5.Last night I went out
6.Die with my dreams on
7.Santa Ana's foot soldier
8.Laredo Rose
vocals: Rich Minus / acoustic, electric and classical guitar: Gary Craft / bass: David Waddell / electric guitar: Thierry LeCoz, Will Sexton, Charlie Sexton / accordian: Augie Meyers / steel guitar: David Zetner / claves: ernesto Saldana Durawa / acoustic guitar: Rich Minus
recorded at Arlyn Studios Austin, Texas
photo Patrick Mathé / sleeve
has been reissued by Last Call records

Rich Minus

ROSE 285 - SPECIMEN - Go in a dance LP/CS/CD (1992)
Jungle's call (Specimen)
Go in a dance
Hide and seek
So lonely
Burning house
Uptown girl
Fight for your right (Beastie Boys)
Everything is gonna be all right
San Pedro
Anthony Thomas - lead guitar / Franck Monternault - drums, backing vocals / Carole Gola - lead vocals / Franck Leborgnus - bass / Jean-Marc Michel - electric & acoustic guitar [from Angers, France] & Patrick Mathé, harmonica on 2; Arno: harmonica on 6
recorded at Studio Square, Bruxelles, dec.1991
booklet with the lyrics / photos: Alain Duplantier / sleeve design


ROSE 286 - CLIFFORD SCOTT - Mr Honky Tonk is Back in Town - LP/CD (1992)
1. Mr. Honky Tonk's back in town
2. Kidney Stew
3. Cherry Red
4. Nobody knows you when you're down and out
5. Summertime
6. Let's Go to the Snack Bar
7. Early in the Morning
8. Tuff
9. Paralysed
10. Anything but Work
11. Motherless Child
12. Honky Tonk

Clifford Scott

ROSE 287 - The CROAKS - A Long Way to You - LP/CD (1992)
Shaggy Dog Story
White Free
La Publicité (Dutronc/Lanzman)
Yeah my Babe! (Flamin'Groovies)
Runaway Train
The Raven
enregistré live au havre le 29/12/90 avec les City Kids qui fêtaient leur dix années d'existence.


ROSE 288 - ARTHUR LEE and LOVE - LP/CS/CD (1992)

1.Five String Serenade (Arthur Lee)
2.Somebody's Watching You
(Arthur Lee)
3.Twenty on My Way
(Arthur Lee)
4.You're the Prettiest Song
(Arthur Lee)
5.I Believe In You (live)
(Arthur Lee)
6.Ninety Miles Away (Arthur Lee)
(Arthur Lee)
8.Love Saga
(Arthur Lee)
9.The Watcher
(Keith Farrish)
10.Passing By
(Arthur Lee)

Arthur Lee: guitar, keyboards, harmonica, vocals / Melvan Whittington: lead guitar / Robert Rozelle: bass / Gary Stern: drums / Tony Mikessell: keyboards / Alan Talbot: sax on 99 miles away / : vocals on The Watcher
produced and arranged by Arhur Lee / recorded at Silvery Moon, Abstract studio & Studio City, Hollywood, Cal.

Arthur Lee & Love LP
Arthur Lee & Love CD

ROSE 289 - TIM LEE - The New Thrill Parade (1992) LP/CD
1.Down at the river (T.Lee)
2.Scared of love (T.Lee/R.Sutliff)
3.Big rain (T.L.)
4.Kiss me goodbye (T.L.)
5.The very last time (T.L.)
6.Shame for things I've never done (T.L.)
7.Everybody's waiting on doomsday (T.L.)
8.On my way (T.L.)
9.Crossed paths (T.L.)
10.Sunday's girl (T.Lee/S.Cothren)
11.Whistling thru a graveyard (T.L.)
Tim Lee (ex-Windbreakers) / Gene Holder (ex-dB's, Wygals) / Will Rigby (ex-dB's drummer) / Janet Wygal (ex-Individuals, Wygals) / George Cartwright (saxophone on 8)
recorded in 1989, and not relased before.
sleeve CHLOE

Tim Lee

ROSE290 - DIM STARS - s/t (1992) - LP/CD/CS (CD with 1 bonus track *)
She wants to die (Hell) 3:41
All my witches come true (Hell) 3:00
Memo to Marty (Hell/ Dim Stars) 2:01
Monkey (Hell/ Dim Stars/ Quine) 5:21
Natchez burning (Chester Burnett) 2:06
Stop breakin' down (Moore/ Dim Stars/ Quine) 4:55
Baby Huey (do you wanna dance) (Hell/ Dim Stars) 2:43
The night is coming on (Hell Dim Stars) 3:41
Downtown at dawn (Hell) 4:49
Try this (Hell/ Dim Stars) 2:12
Incense is the essence (T.Smith/ Dim Stars)
Weird forest (Hell/ Dim Stars)
Stray cat generation (Fleming/ Dim Stars)
Rip Off (Marc Bolan) 5:35
Dim Star Theme (Hell/ Dim Stars) 3:30 *
Richard Hell / Don Fleming (Dinosaur Jr./ Gumball/ Half Japanese/ Velvet Monkeys) / Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) / Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), and also Robert Quine (guitar), Jad Fair (sax on Rip off) // produced by Dim Stars / recorded at Waterworls studio, NYC
released in USA by Caroline records - # 1724 // in Germany by City Slang records (same sleeve) // in Australia by Au-Go-Go # ANDA146

Dim Stars

ROSE291 - The PAINE BROTHERS - Honky Tonk Hell - (1992) - LP/CD
1.Just a Rock Song (Paine Brothers, Robyn Bernard)
2.She thinks I'm trash (P B, Brian Setzer)
3.So young, So bad... So what? (P B)
4.Rebelene (P B, Brian Setzer)
5.Round about way (P B)
6.Honey make a Beeline (P B)
7.(Don't sell my Daddy) No more whiskey (P B)
8.You're looking good (P B)
9.(Don't treat me like a dog) Love this Cat (P B)
10.Hey Tonya Jean (P B)
11.All or Nothing Love (P B)
12.Honky Tonk Hell (P B)
Bobby Paine, Larson Paine, Brian Setzer, John Walmsley: guitars / Bobby Paine, Dennis Croy: bass / Gary Fergusson, Davey Crockett, Donald Lindley, Spt Stix: drums / John Walmsley: piano & fiddle, Larson Paine, Pete Anderson: harmonica
produced by The Paine Brothers

Paine Brothers

ROSE292 - The Mess (Dramarama) LP/CD
1.Silver like a Dime (Carter)
2.Swallowed your cure (Mullaney/ Carter)
3.Drag Around (M/C)
4.Cindy Tells Me (Eno/ Manzanera)
5.15 Minutes in the Street (M/C)
6.The Ball (M/C)
7.Tell me about your drugs (Robyn Hitchcock/ C)
8.Easy Lie (M/C)
9.Miles in cheap seats (M/C)
10.Like it so far ? (M/C)
produced by Chris Carter, arranged by Thomas Mullaney and Chris Carter. Played by Thomas Mullaney with Chris Carter and various friends. Recorded summer/ fall 1991 on Virgil's 16tk.
The Mess was actually a side project by Chris Carter and Tommy Mullaney. This CD contains the original version of "Swallowed Your Cure" with John Easdale on vocals. Cover photo from the short film "haven't got a clue" // sleeve design

The Mess

ROSE293 - RAMBLIN' JEFFREY LEE & CYPRESS GROVE with WILLIE LOVE (1992) - LP/CS & CD w/ 2 extra tracks
Goin' Down (Don Nix)
Pony Blues (Son House/Charlie Patton)
Future Blues (Willie Brown)
Long Long Gone (Frankie Lee Sims)
Bad Luck & Trouble (O.Hicks/J.West)
Alabama Blues (Robert Wilkins) *
Good Times (Lightnin Hopkins) *
Stranger in my Heart (Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
Go tell the mountain (Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
Moanin' in the moonlight (Chester Burnett)
Hardtime killin' floor blues (Skip James)
Ramblin'Jeffrey Lee : guitars & vocals / Cypress Grove : guitars / Willie Love : drums / Carl La Fong : acoustic bass, bass guitar / Kimberley S. : bluesharp / produced by Jeffrey Lee Pierce

Jeffrey Lee Pierce

ROSE294 - BRUCE JOYNER - Sir Real (1992) - LP/CD
Swamp Fox - 3.25 (Joyner, Jones, Cooksey, Byars, Mims)
Sex Beat - 2.25
Joanne - 3.00
She Repeats - 2.40
Squirmy World - 3.34
Love Done Killed My Baby - 3.34
Angry Words - 4.20
Winter Time - 5.16
Pretty Words - 2.47
In My Time - 3.57
Traveling Song - 1.00
Ant Farm - 2.06
Bruce Joyner : vocals, keyboards / John Jones : bass guitar, backing vocals / Randy Cooksey : drums / Tom Byars : guitars, backing vocals / Shannon Mims : horns, accordion, keyboards
recorded at the Time Factory 1992, produced by Tom Byars

booklet with lyrics
photos by Andrea Schlettau / sleeve design CHLOE

Bruce Joyner

ROSE295 - LUSSIA - Miracles (1992) - LP/CS & digipack CD
Hexen (Lussia) 3.18
Here I go again (Lussia) 3.36
Traces (Lussia/ Patrice Collet) 4.35
Angels of the dust (Lussia) 4.40
Fatha Morghana (Lussia/ PC) 3.48
Figures in the dark (Lussia/ PC) 3.19
Who am I? (Lussia) 3.51
Der Liebestod (Lussia) 3.05
Sich geben (Lussia) 5.04
Abend in skane (Rainer Maria Rilke) 4.03
Lussia - keyboards, vocals / Patrice Collet - keyboards, sampling and drums programming
recorded, mixed and mastered by Patrice Collet at Studio Concept, CH-Lausanne
sleeve design David Gaz &


ROSE296 - BANLIEUE ROUGE - Que tombent les masques - LP/CS/CD
1 Nuit de fièvre rouge + Banlieusards
2 Troika
3 L'Etat Spectacle
4 Histoire pour buveurs attardés
5 Triste Rendez-Vous
6 Cradoque band
7 Kassandra
8 Echec & Mat
9 Rouge Total
10 Mensonge et Trahison
11 Star System
12 Cul de Sac
13 L'Aube sera sombre
[from Quebec, Canada]

Banlieue Rouge

ROSE297 - CHRIS BAILEY - Savage entertainment (1992) - LP/CS/CD
Road to Oblivion
Key to Babylon
Broken Mirrors
Do They Come From You
Life's A Comedy
Hotel de la Gare
World Gone Slightly Mad
Getting Friendly with the Devil
Queen of the Hour
What Am I Doing Here
Savage Entertainment
Chris Bailey - vocals, guitar / Tim Ryan - bass, violin / Kevin Bennett - guitar, backing vocals / Charlie Cole - keyboards, accordion / Geoff Watson - drums, percussion / Chris Harriot - piano / Guy Gross - keyboards
sleeve CHLOE /

Chris Bailey

ROSE298 - BRUNO GREEN & The EASY SLIDERS - Strange Moody Time - LP/CS/CD
Longrider overture - 2.27 (Green/ Snyder)
Wild Boys - 3.43 (Green)
Wrong side of love - 4.04 (Green)
I'm coming home - 3.11 (Green/ Lefeuvre)
So happy now - 4.21 (Green/ Lefeuvre)
Living too fast - 6.03 (Green/ Lefeuvre)
Colours of life - 4.49 (Green)
I fold my hands - 3.21 (Green/ Bourges)
Sweet times gone - 3.03 (Green/ Bourges)
Ordinary man - 4.45 (Green)
Franck Ollivry : harmonica & bass guitar / Claude Bourges : acoustic & electric guitar - mandolin & vocals / Yves André Lefeuvre : drums percussions - keyboards & vocals / Bruno Green : acoustic & electric guitar - keyboards & vocals / and : Craig Snyder, guitar on 1 / Chris Georgelin, guitar on 3, 6, 7 / Arnaud Foulquier, trumpet on 4 / Alain Pennec, accordion on 5 / Sam Manson, organ on 5 / Sam Manson, pianon on 5 / Barjo Pioups band : trombone on 5 / Vincent Sizorn, guitar on 7 / Lionel Scanf, guitar on 10
produced & mixed by Christian Allio, Yves André Lefeuvre & Bruno Green at Coccon studio (Rennes)
sleeve by Eric Le Corre & Daria Phane prod.

Bruno Green & the Easy Sliders

ROSE299 /422402 - BARRENCE WHITFIELD - Savage Tracks (1992) - LP/CD
1.Ramblin'Rose (Wilkshere/ Bush)
2.Hole in my heart (B.RileyB.Killen)
3.Rockin behind the iron curtain (Huet Smith)
4.Could you, would you/ Dock of the bay (Van Morrison)
5.Savage axe (Cassell/ Papas/ Sholl/ Reder)
6.Juicy fruit (R.Green)
7.Dr knows his business (Link Davis)
8.Waitin' for the moon to rise (Milton Reder)
9.One after 909 (Lennon/ McCartney)
10.It's not unusual (Mills/ Reed)
11.Topsy (Battle/ Durham)
12.Under my thumb (Jagger/ Richards)
13.Ace of spade (D.Malone)
14.Stop twistin' my arm (Davis Scholl)
Dean Cassell: bass / Seth Pappas: drums, vocals / Milton Reder: guitar, clavinet, vocals / David Sholl: tenor sax, baritone sax / Barrence Whitfield: vocals
recordings: The BBC sessions (2, 6, 7) - studio 3, Andy Kershaw's april 1991 - produced by Dale Buffin // The Swiss recordings (1, 4, 5, 11, 12, 14) Thun, Switzerland, live-2-tracks recording , feb.15, 91 - produced by Christian Lindenmann for DRS3 // Demos form Boston : 3, 9, 10 - Room 9 from Outer Space, produced by Milton Reder & Ducky Carlisle / 8 - New Alliance, produced by The Savages & Steve Barry / 13 - Tape+Tea produced by Milton Reder
cover art: Christine L.Pappas +

Barrence Whitfield - Savage tracks

ROSEcd300 - RAMON PIPIN - Ready Steady Go (1992) LP/CS/CD
La porte du jardin (Hey Gyp - D.Leitch)
Les happenings de mes 18 ans (Happenings tenyears time ago - Relf, Beck, Page, McCarty)
J'm'appelle René (Keep on running - J.Edwards)
Tête d'ampoule (Happy Jack - Townshend)
C'est plus fort que moi (I can't control myself - Presley)
Doudou de satin (Nights in white satin - Hayward)
Bébi, arrache-toi (Baby please don't go - Williams)
Michaël (Arnold Lane - Barrett)
Qu'est ce que tu vas faire? (Wat'cha gonna do about it? - Samwell, Potter)
60 Mn/s (All day and all of the night - Davies)
Mon pote Jack (My friend Jack - Gil, Lucker, Lunt, Rowly)
A Fleury (I feel free - Bruce, Brown)
Le chagrin (Still I'm sad - Samwell, Smith, McCarty)
Ingrédients: Guitars, bass, perc., vox: R.Pipin / keyboards, programming: H.Lavandier / HCA: J.J.Milteau / additionnelles voix: Joop Moulaar, La Tasse, A.Blanchard / Acidifiants E330 E128: H.Lavandier & Yves Hirshfeld / Agent de sapidité: Michel Olivier
reissues in 2008 by Mantra 

Ramon Pipin, Odeurs

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