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The Shop

New Rose began as a disc-shop - 7 rue Pierre Sarrazin Paris 5e.
(the second photo is from R.Stevie Moore's site : note the R.Stevie Moore poster on the door)

The Catalogue

At the beginning, along with the shop, New Rose was also a mail order seller while issuing their first records.
New Rose used to advertise weekly in the main rock magazines ... the ad was waited as much as some articles.
One of the first mail order catalogues (year 1980), with just 34 own references, and a lot of UK & US imports :

Catalogue - 1985 / 1986

  • much more own references than on the first catalogue (!), but yet some missing (already out of print) references.
  • distributed labels refenrences, and still imports.
  • design homogeneous to records sleeve of those years, and slighty coloured.

The Design

Another success of New Rose was the design of the sleeves: willing to have some homogeneity of the New Rose products, most sleeves were designed by Philippe Huart, at the beginning as BJEP [i.e. Belle Journée en Perspective], and soon by after Philippe Huart and Pearl Cholley [I'll put the sticker against their sleeves]. They generally worked with the same photograph: Alain Duplantier, ans especially worked on the letters output against the image. For the last years, sleeves design was assumed mostly by CHLOE, but -according to me- still in the same vein. Philippe Huart & Pearl Cholley have also been contributors to Charles De Goal's recording sessions, records issued by New Rose [Philippe, guitars, synth., back.vocals; Pearl, back.vocals].
Apart from offering generally different sleeve to the other foreign releases, that gave an real own image to the label. They released most of the sleeves issued by New Rose, except -mostly- when the record was issued under some licensed rights or when the musician made his sleeve himself (like Chris D.)
New Rose also -as a marketing tip- re-released some records as a limited edition & with different package [see "Special edition" pages, for example Lyres or Cramps box].

ROSE 26 (1983) Johnny Thunders

ROSE 93 (1986) Sky Saxon

ROSE 162 (1989) Mike McClintock

ROSE 264 (1991) Tav Falco

In a next future, I'll put the design credits against the records [ for Huart/Cholley]

The Cramps

The Cramps : New Rose issued several important records by the Cramps -collectibles now. Here is a bootleg, copying a New Rose reference number, with design/ colors à la New Rose (Big Beat was then the other label of The Cramps in UK... note the sense of humor).


Picture Disc, No title
What's inside A Girl?
Blue Moon Baby
Georgia Lee Brown
Lonesome Town
Cornfed Dames
Aloha From Hell
Surfin' Bird
How Far Can Too Far Go
The Hot Pearl Snatch
People Ain't No Good

Their record "Can your pussy do the dog" (NEW 66 issued in 1985) gave some of the more expansive Cramps' collectible : 3 sleeves were initially made for this single, but have been refused by the Cramps, therefore emptied of vinyl and then destroyed ... but some copies were saved, that became the must / most expansive item for collectors.

final sleeve

The Cramps 84The Cramps 84New Rose Cramps posters

<<< poster with "Smell of Female" album picture, for the gig at l'Eldorado, Paris june 1984.

ad. poster for the new "Spring 1984 Tour" album: Smell of Female >>>

Posters from "Can your pussy..." photo series (1986 tour programme)

Poster from can your pussy...Poster from can your pussy...

The Cramps 86

some tee shirt

<<< European tour 1986 (promotion of LP "A date with Elvis"), Paris 1986.

french sleeve used in 2000 by some US tee-shirt maker >>>

Le Zenith, Paris, may 12th, 1986
The Cramps au Zenith

Johnny ThundersThe hurted

Johnny Thunders was another legendary contributor to the New Rose catalogue. When he was living in Paris, he uses to go to the shop, asking for some cash as an advance from next record. It was always pleasant for the customers to see that the stars were just right there in the shop. The guys from New Rose crew weren't always as serene.

A swedish double-LP bootleg was issued by a pseudo-label named New Rock, using this poster artwork for the sleeve :

Johnny Thunders & Sylvain Sylvain - There's A Little Bit Of Whore In Every Little Girl
Personality Crisis
Too Much Junkie Business
In Cold Blood
Just Another Girl
14th Street Beat
Whatcha Gonna Do About It
Green Onions
Who Needs Girls
Alone In A Crowd
Countdown Love
Ten Size Shoe
Ramblin' Rose
Sad Vacation
Don't Mess With Cupid
Have Faith
Yeah Yeah I'm Not Your Copy Cat Treat Me Like A Nigger
The Underassistant West Coast Promotion Man
The Spider & The Fly
Born To Lose
You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
Wild Horses
Hurt Me
Play With Fire
It's Not Enough
Chinese Rocks
The Courageous Cat
I Wanna Be Loved
I Love You
Baby Talk
C.C. Outro
There' A Little Bit Of Whore In Every Little Girl
Great Big Kiss
Johnny Thunders - guitar, vocals / Sylvain Sylvain - guitar, vocals / Jerry Nolan - drums / Billy Rath - bass

Johnny Thunders on New Rock

The BagNew Rose, the Bag

Disques NEW ROSE ....

a common item used weekly or even more often by the aficionados.


Calvin Russel on ZippoCALVIN RUSSELL - Soldier - special limited de luxe edition :

in a box, with a CD & a Zippo lighter with Calvin portrait engraved

# 422423 - year 1992


A New Rose Troggs'single (Black Bottom, ROSE 6, 1981)
autographed by the band

Los Inrockuptibles
an advert printed in the argentinian issue of Les Inrockuptibles [Los Inrockuptibles, N° 14 - agosto 1997] for the fridays in a café of Buenos Aires, with the design directly copied from the Willie Alexander's LP A Girl like you (ROSE 15, oct.1982) :
"Living y Los Inrockuptibles presentan Un día en los '80 // viernes, 8, a las 24 h en M.T. de Alvear 1540 // Pet Shop Boy - The Cure - Nina Hagen - Duran Duran - Siouxic [sic] - Cocteau Twins (y todo 4AD) - New Order - Joy Division - The Clash [etc etc]" .... with an ad for some whiskey.

(I was said that the beauty photographed for the sleeve was Willie Alexander's own wife)

NEW ROSE - When the Walls Fall Down

I don't know anything about that band

The Vikings are Coming

This double LP - a compilation of punk bands - have been issued in 1987, by New Rose records, a Brasilian label from Sao Paulo.
German fanzine

A German fanzine named "New Rose" appeared in 1985, here:

# 2:  die Mimmi's, Penhandle Alks, Running Riot, Chelsea, Zerstörte Jugend, Neurotic Arseholes, Ramones, der Riß, Fanzine Reviews

# 3: Disaster Area, the Cast, The Idiots, Torpedo Moskau, Fanzine-, Konzert-, Platten- und Tape- Reviews, die Nachtwächter, Instigators, Bücher, die Gesichter beim Billig Chips vs. Chio Chips test

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