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Outta Place on New Rose
Outta Place on Star Rhytm

Outta Place - LP
1982 - Star Rhythm (USA) - LP # 103
1982 -
New Rose records (France) - LP # ROSE 14

Can't talk to that girl (John Felice) 3'09
No place fast (J.F.) 2'57
Senseless (J.F.) 4'44
It's been real (J.F.) 2'57
I'd rather go to jail (live at Jacks) (Crewe/ Brown/ Bloodworth > Mitch Ryder) 3'12 [New Rose LP only]
Every day is a saturday (J.F.) 3'26
Small town (J.F.) 4'24
Problems (Bourdeleaux/ Felice Bryant) 2'13
Outta place (J.F.) 3'36

Billy Cole . guitars, vocals
Allen "Alpo" Paulino . bass, vocals
John Felice . guitars, vocal
Bobby "Morocco" Morin . drums, percussion

Eric Lindgren played this little Casio organ on No Place Fast and piano on Small Town / Andy Paley played harmonica on Can't Talk and Hammond organ on Small Town / John Felice played Loadeater bass on Small Town

produced by Andy Paley / recorded by Rob Dimit at Perfect Crime Studios, Watertown, Mass., august 1982

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Real Kids / Taxi Boys - Girls! Girls! Girls! - LP
1983 - Lolita (France) # 5002

Now You Know
Up Is Up
She Comes Alive
Who Needs Ya
Whats it to You
Bad to Worse
What She don't know
Everybody's Girl
Happens All the Time

All Kindsa Jerks Live

All Kindsa Jerks Live - LP
1983 - New Rose records (France) - LP # ROSE 21 / CS # ROSK 21

A side B side
Outta place (John Felice)
No place fast (Bourdeleux/Bryant)
She donít know (JF)
Common at noon (JF)
Boob (JF)
Babyís book (JF)
Can't Talk to that Girl (JF)
Bad to Worse (JF)
She got everything (R.Davies)
My Way (E.Cochran)
All Kindsa Girls (JF)

John Felice / guitar vocals
Allen Paulino / bass vocals
Billy Cole / guitar vocals
Bobby Morin / drums

recorded live at Paris Bataclan feb-2nd 1983

First ex. given with free single # Free3 : EP Snipers live ep (The Snipers were supporting the band while on 1983 tour)

The Real Kids - Video

The Real Kids / The Snipers - concert du Bataclan - Paris - video
1983 - New Rose records - VHS # VIDROSE 1

Grown up, grown
Outta Place
Common at noon
Boop Baby's book
She's got everything
Every day is a saturday
All kindsa girls

more some tracks by supporting band : The Snipers

the very first, and first ever video by New Rose (excepting a sampler video)
60-minute video, with The Snipers as support / recorded at Bataclan, Paris - 2/2/1983 // réalisation J.P.Touzin et G.Lespinasse
original sleeve was actually just a photocopy on rose paper

Outta Place / All kindsa Jerks CD

Outta Place / All kindsa Jerks - japanese CDOutta Place / All Kindsa Jerks Live - CD
1988? - New Rose records (France)
199? - Teichiku records (Japan, under license from New Rose)

compilation on CD of the 2 New Rose LPs
japanese release under license from New Rose


She - 7"
1983 - New Rose records # NEW 17

  • A - She - 3'11 (John Felice)
  • B - She's a mess (Live) - 4'11 (John Felice)

A. production Andy Paley, studio RKM - Bruxelles
B. production Andy Paley et Alain français / Live in Paris - Bataclan

Hit You Hard

Hit You Hard - LP
1983 - New Rose records (France) - LP #ROSE 24 / die-cut sleeve & inner sleeve

She - 3'11 (J.Felice)
Hit You Hard - 2'20 (JF)
Now You Know - 4'17 (JF)
Where I Wanna Be - 3'20 (JF)
Take It's slow - 3'03 (J.Reed)
Right When It's Right - 3'35 (JF)
She's A Mess - 4'00 (JF)
Face To Face - 3'07 (JF)
Some Love - 4'18 (JF)
On The Blink - 3'15 (JF)

John Felice / guitars/ vocals
Allen Paulino / bass/ vocals
Billy Cole / guitar/ vocals
Bobby Morin / drums
Andy Paley / keyboards/ slide guitar/ harmonica

recorded in march/april 83 at RKM studios, Bruxelles / produced by Andy Paley - the first recording financed by New Rose, that went the label near to sink

never released

She - 7" (shadow Bomp single : has been scheduled, but never issued)
198? - Bomp records # 129

  • A - She
  • B - Now You Know

the New Rose Years
the New Rose Years, Munster LPs

The New Rose Years - dble CD
2001 - Last Call records (France) double CD # 3069852
2003 -
Munster records (Spain) double LP # MR-?? (220gr. vinyl)

All 3 New Rose material (3 LPs) on 2 CDs :

  • CD1> Outta Place
  • CD1> All Kindsa Jerks Live (w. just 8 tracks over 11 on Munster LPs)
  • CD2> Hit You Hard

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Down to you

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Better be fast

2001> Got everything
Got everything

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