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Martin RevMartin Rev might have seemed in the shade compared to the exubérance of Alan Vega (especially as he used to refuge behind unspeakable-ski-sunglasses). He even acknowledged that with Suicide, he was playing only with one hand, using the second to protect himself from the stuff launched against the band. But, obviously, you should not minimize his role in Suicide: it is him who was in charge of the wall of sound, and Alan Vega and him always remained very close; their own solo career having each one their own logic. Besides Alan Vega had always affirmed that Suicide had never splitted : no split = no reformation.

Martin Rev, as solo performer, plays it cooler, a music kind of minimalistic, electronic but not techno, much more eccentric than noisy.

He also collaborates to multiple video and multimedia projects, in particular with Stefan Roloff, a painter, video artist and filmmaker living and working in New York - see examples of videos-music - Selected Presentations of Films and Videos

2009 : new opus by Martin Rev, "Stigmata", followed by a European tour.

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