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Alan VegaAlan Vega used to say that as beeing basically a sculptor, music was secondary for him. Was that just another provocation? Alan Vega is anyway a fascinating artist, and a true legend (a romantic hero or a deamer for some), joining for any kinds of obscure or more visible projects. He actually induces what Legs McNeil calls the astonishment, a mixture of fascination, made of repulsion and admiration: otherwise, how can one continue to adulate somebody who is ok with just a 30 minutes act (sometimes less, sometimes more) without any communication with the assitance? He's probably one of the original punks actors of the CBGB (New York Dolls, Ramones, Richard Hell, Wayne County, etc... see the compilation Songs of the Naked City) and someone which remains the most homogeneous and with the most credible attitude.

Alan Vega, born Alan Bermowitz in Brooklyn, June 23, 1938, died in his sleep on Friday, July 16, 2016. He was 78.


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