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Alan Vega, Alex Chilton & Ben Vaughn


2 13 61/ Thirsty Ear
- CD # 21314

Last Call (Fr) - CD # 7422466
Munster (Spain) - 2xLP # MR-110

Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn et Alan Vega recorded -in a two nights improvisation session, a jazz tradition- somethings that could represent the spirit of Rock'n'Roll . "The idea was to capture the moment, to let it happen, to trust in their combined years of experience to record without a net. All the songs were created as they were performed in the studio." Those three will then tour a little (Ce disque sera suivi de quelques apparitions du trio en concert (in particular for the transmusicales de Rennes in 1996).

Ben Vaughn said in an interview (1998) with Bob Townsend ( :
"Another recent project, Cubist Blues, was a recording you did with Alex Chilton and Alan Vega. How did that happen?

We recorded that about two years ago. It's a very strange, very non-commercial, very artistic record. I was a big fan of Alan Vega and Suicide. What they were doing in the late '70s "that minimalism" was exactly what punk-rock was about. Everybody hated them because they didn't have a real drummer. Even punk-rockers hated them, so it was like they were the ultimate punk experience.

You and Alex have known each other a long time, right?

Yeah. I mentioned to Alex that Alan and I had decided to book some time and work on some things, and it turned out he was a huge fan too. So it just became a free-for-all where we improvised for two days."

1.Fat City - 8:30 7.Lover of Love - 5:04
2.Fly Away - 5:32 8.Sister - 3:32
3.Freedom - 8:08 9.Too Late - 5:37
4.Candyman - 4:43 10.Do Not Do Not - 5:33
5.Come on Lord - 3:24 11.Werewolf - 3:50
6.Promised Land - 4:43 12.Dream Baby Revisited - 2:19
Alex Chilton - Instruments (Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards)
Ben Vaughn - Instruments (Bass, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Keyboards)
Alan Vega - Vocals
Recorded December 6 & 7, 1994 in New York City (Dessau Studio) by Drew Vogelman

Last Call (Fr) - 3014832

Vega - Chilton - Ben Vaughn

CDS promo
1.Freedom - 4'58 [radio edit] 3.Lover of Love - 4'09 [radio edit]
2.Candyman - 3'07 [radio edit]  

Alan Vega, Alex Chilton & Ben Vaughn


Last Call (Fr)
- CD #

cubist blues redux

De Luxe reissue to celebrate 10th anniversary as double CD: with complete recording from unique gig at the Transmusicales de Rennes in 1996
CD1 – CUBIST BLUES STUDIO CD 2 - live at the transmusicales 96
1- Fat City
2- Fly Away
3- Freedom
4- Candyman
5- Come on Lord
6- Promised Land
7- Lover of Love
8- Sister
9- Too Late
10- Do Not Do Not
11- The Werewolf
12- Dream Baby Revisited
1- Fat City
2- Sister
3- Candyman
4- Freedom
5- Lover of Love
6- Too Late
7- Promised Land
8- Dream Baby Revisited
9- I Remember

Sooj Records - 10042-1
Sound Effects - 4

Alan Vega, Ocasek, Mc Cain

Alan Vega meets again Ric Ocasek , and poet Gillian McCain joined for a record of recited poetry, and 8 tracks that rocks by Alan Vega, equivalent to a great album !! Booklet with words ans images (5 by Alan Vega).
1.Quiet Please Performance in Progress (McCain) 14.Attempted Suicide (Ocasek)
2.Big Picture (Ocasek) 15.And Jesus Said That Whores Will Be... (McCain)
3.History of Glances (McCain) 16.No Way (Vega)
4.Tell Me (Vega) 17.Livingroom Lamplight Odyssey (Ocasek)
5.Crowds (Ocasek) 18.Listen up, Saint Francis (McCain)
6.Takings a Break from Gods & Monsters (McCain) 19.Gangland Scag (Vega)
7.Smell War (Vega) 20.Daily Events Book (Ocasek)
8.Quivering (Ocasek) 21.With Eight Essential Vitamins (McCain)
9.Judith in Disgust (McCain) 22.Metal Eyes (Vega)
10.Train (Vega) 23.Certain Blindness (Ocasek)
11.All Men Should Be Boxers (Ocasek) 24.Ghosts Before Breakfast (McCain)
12.Mechanics of Fluid (McCain) 25.Shoot the Fucker (Vega)
13.Living Crazed (Vega) 26.Everyone F--K (McCain)

Panasonic/Alan Vega
Medal 12"
Blast First - BFFP145

VVV, Alan Vega

First co-work with Pan Sonic (formerly Panasonic), a finnish duet formed in 1994 by Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen, an electronic/analogic band, since their gimmick is to sample analogic tapes. They remixed Björk, they performed in contemporary-art museums or for mode defiles, they have been invided to act with Suicide as they were "the only band taking our idea further". The 3 traks here will be released in the further LP Endless.

A. Medal B1. No Home Kings
  B2. Fun In Wonderland

All tracks written by Alan Vega/ Mika Vainio/ Ilpo Väisänen
Recorded & mixed @ 6/8 Studios NYC 1997
(where Alan Vega recorded Power on to Zero Hour in 1991)

Vainio Väisänen Vega
Blast First - BFFP147 (CD/2-LP)

VVV, Alan Vega

The third LP of Pan Sonic is actually by VVV (Mika Vainio, Ilpo Väisänen et Alan Vega) and the first one of PanaSonic with vocals : by Alan Vega who co-wrote most of the titles.
1. Medal 7. Desperate Fa Tha Miracle
2. Incredible Criminals 8. Red Lights Down
3. Motor Maniac 9. Fun In The Wonderland
4. No Home Kings 10. Baby Lips
5. Outrage For The Frontpage 11. Sick Sick USA
6. Endless 12. Disgrace

All tracks written by Alan Vega/ Mika Vainio/ Ilpo Väisänen

Recorded & mixed @ 6/8 Studios NYC 1997

Pan Sonic
Blast First - BFFP165

Pan Sonic, Alan Vega

Issued as a special limited edition CD, X is Pan Sonic compilation released initially for a Spring '99 Wire-magazine subscription. After presenting Pan Sonic debuts, one track of VVV (Panasonic + Alan Vega) : "Endless" and one track of upcoming VVE (Panasonic + Einsturzende Neubauten's Einheit) : "O".
kuusi halko
johto 2
0 (live with FM Enheit)
endless (with Alan Vega)

The WIRE tapper 1

Free with The Wire April 1998 issue # 170

Alan Vega & Panasonic - Medal (5:28)
recorded at 6/8 Studios, NYC, 1997


Obsessive Eye compilation

7" split single given with UK magazine Obsessive Eye #3

Pansonic w. Alan Vega - Outrage for the Frontpage Pansonic/ FM Einheit - Termit
V/VM - Zone X: Punished by Reflection  

Vainio Väisänen Vega
Resurrection River
Mego (Austria) # mego 075 (CD)

VVV, Alan Vega

New collaboration by Alan Vega, Mika Vainio, Ilpo Väisänen
01. Resurrection river 3:34
02. I got wheels, Igot nails 3:49
03. Desperate nation 4:56
04. So tired 3:22
05. It was her eyes 2:33
06. 11:52 PM 5:04
07. Job bleu 3:13
08. Sellin' my monkeys 4:33
09. Chrome Z-fighters 2003 4:05
10. Black crucifix 3:36
11. Life 3:18
12. It's violence 5:19


faute de soleil

Soundtrack of this french movie (1995) by Alan Vega and Johnny Thunders.

Director: Christian Blanc - 57 minutes
Scenario : Christophe Blanc / Cast: Jean-Jacques Benhamou, Sarah Haxaire, Christian Balthauss, Françoise Descarrega, Jocelyne Desverchère... / Crew: Cinematographer: Pascal Poucet Sound : Olivier Mauvezin, Stéphane Thiebaut Music : Alan Vega, Johnny Thunders Editor : Mariette Gutherz, Agnes Bruckert / Producer: Bertrand Gore, Sunday Morning Productions // VHS : Court-metrages fnac (1997)

Virgin - 724384718725

Sombre, music by Alan Vega

Soundtrack of the film "Sombre" by Philippe Grandrieux (1998, with Elina Löwensohn et Marc Barbé) : Eight new tracks by Alan Vega, one cover of Serge Gainsbourg...
Chambre (extrait du film)
Rama lama - Alan Vega
Montagne (extrait)
Crucifix star - Alan Vega
Caravane (extrait)
Fly away - Alan Vega
Voiture (extrait)
Paradice vice - Alan Vega
Cailloux (extrait)
Razoooo - Alan Vega
Lac (extrait)
Fat city (Vega/ Chilton/ BenVaugh)
Arbre (extrait)
Blast ta tha black - Alan Vega
Nuit (extrait)
Hot nines - Alan Vega
Bela lugosi's dead (Live) - Bauhaus
Forêt (extrait)
Les amours perdues (S.Gainsbourg) -
Elysean Fields
Sombre (extrait)
Alan Vega said about it : "It was exiting and fun to be creating music for this film. This fil itself is great with all kinds of incredible images that played with my mind... whiwh, ultimately got me to do things musically, beyond my own expectations of what could be done with sound. Also... working with Philippe, a brilliant and wonderful man, was out of this world."

The movie is available in VHS & DVD (1999) "SOMBRE is an exercise in show'n'tell. It tells a tory about Jean (Marc Barbé), a serial killer who prowls the backwoods of France looking for prostitutes to pick up and strangle. When he picks up Claire (Elina Lowensohn) after her car breaks down, she winds up accompanying him on the road and watching his murders. It also shows us a world in which sociopathy has become the human condition. This is a science-fiction film in much the same manner as CRASH: it presents a world whose denizens' psychology differs greatly from our own. The affectless alienation of Jean and Claire runs so deep that it makes the characters of CRASH look like Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski."

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