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  Autour de Vega (1998)en français
director : Hugues Peyret
52 minutes document filmed for TV. Broadcased on french TVs & cable : FR3, 3SAT et PLANETE.
issued on DVD
  New-York 81 (1981)in english
french document video by André LIGEON-LIGEONNET
with John Cage, Brian Eno, David Byrne, Alan Vega.
  half/hour emission project for arte-TV (France)
w/ interview by Alan Vega, presenting his "2007" CD

Video-Clips :

  • Outlaw
  • Jukebox babe
  • Wipout beat
    "Hi, I am doing a one man show about Ave B in the early 80's my Roomate Phillipe Bounous at the time knew Alan Vega and his ex girl friend and we made a Video of Whip Out Beat. It was low budget but professionally and edited in a Pro NYC studio. I would like to get a copy of this. I lost contact with Phillipe and I know they were selling copies on ST Marks place 16 years ago.
    Please contact me ! My number is 917 803 6955
    David Sirk thanks"

Art Rite #12 - 1st issue

Art Rite #12 - 2nd issueArt-Rite #13 Special Project (1977)in english
New York, NY: Art-Rite Publishing Co.,1977; Two issues (different colors), 20 pp each, 27x20,5cm.

extremely rare : about 10 ex. known

more détails

Deuce Avenue War

Deuce Avenue War/The Warriors v3 97 (1990)in english
photography art book by Alan Vega

Cripple Nation (1991, 2.13.61 Publications) in english
Vega's prose and lyrics, with photos taken from his videos

"Fast forward to summer 1993. I'm living in New York working on another album. Alan's book is now a formidable body of work with art, lyrics and prose. We get together on a few weekends to work on edits. By October the work is finally done. I'm sure Alan is happy to have me out of his way. I bet he didn't figure he would have to be dealing with this project for two years!

Now it's finished and it's great. Vega is one of the most powerful artists going. He has been for years. His unrelenting passion and intensity has been a source of inspiration to me for well over a decade. Those who know what I'm talking about really know. I hope that by the end of this that you do too. I am very proud to be partly responsible for bringing this work out. This guy is one of my heroes, flat out." - Henry Rollins 10.27.93 Los Angeles, CA

Excerpts form this are in the book "The Best of 2.13.61" : a collection of excerpts from 14 years of publishing by Henry Rollins : selections from Henry Rollins, Hubert Sleby JR, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Iggy Pop, Joe Cole, Alan Vega, Exene Cervenka, Henry Miller, Bill Sheilds

Alan Vega, 100.000 Watts

100 000 Watts of Fat City (1997)in englishen français
First art book to focus on Alan Vega's sculpture work. Preface by Julian Schnabel. Texts by Henry Rollins (from 2.13.61 Publications) .
104 pp, 22x30 cm, bilingual French / English, color illustration

Edited by Editions Anna Polerica (Montpellier, France) - you may there order the book, as well as see a Virtual Exhibition Nineties Series Sculptures. (thanks Ian)

Alan Vega Infinite Mercy 

Infinite Mercy (2009)in englishen français

Infinite Mercy, a generously illustrated catalogue, including various interviews with Alan Vega and close artists, presents the retrospective held in 2009 at the macLYON, France (Musée d'Art Contemporain, Lyon, France) - see VegArt

opens with a facsimilé of Art-Rite #13 (magazine, 1977), ends with facsimilé of Let U$ Pray (mixed media on paper, 2009)

edited by Mathieu Copeland / MAC Lyon / Les Presses du Réel - available in English and in French through the MAC Lyon boutique

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