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Frenzi is Tav's own label, and even if Frenzi actually released only a 7" (FZ 2000, the first EP) and a cassette (FZ 5300 - Now! Live!), most of the Panther Burns' releases have a Frenzi catalog number besides their label catalog number.

Tav numbers the records this way : Singles start with FZ 2XXX or FZ 3XXX, full-length albums (more than 7 tracks) FZ 4XXX, mini-albums (7 tracks or less) FZ 5XXX , (some) compilations FZ 6XXX, and CD re-releases (with bonus tracks) FZ 7XXX.Frenzi

The Frenzi catalog number does not always appear on the sleeve (or not all formats anyway : ie. Shadow Dancer has the Frenzi catalog number on the vinyl version but not on the CD version). And somewhere along the line he must have mixed it up: The Disappearing Angels (FZ 4500) and the 2-sides Of Tav Falco (FZ 4400) have the same numbers as the 10th Anniversary double-live Album! They would fit more into line with the mini albums as FZ 5500 and FZ 5400 respectively as they are both 10"-releases, but then again they both have 8 tracks. Some other Frenzi catalog numbers not figuring on the record/sleeve were mentioned here are according to Tav Falco.

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