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in englishTav Falco by Sonic Boom (in what a way to turn 17)

in englishTav Falco on his memories of Alex Chilton

in englishread Road To Memphis, a nice article from MOJO, issue 121, 2003, with txt by Tav Falco on Furry Lewis and Lee Baker, Alex Chilton,k Jerry Lee and Linda Gail Lewis, Charlie Feathers, Beale Street (Memphis), ... 

in englishRending the Veil — Dropping the Mask: The Unapproachable Panther Burns, by Lisa McGaughran

en françaisGUSTAVO - by Fred Mills, 1987 - Nineteen # 22 - mars 1987 & # 23 - juin 1987

en españolTav Falco - by Empastres, gaceta independiente - 16 de Mayo de 1999

in englishThe "Approachable" Tav Falco (on

in englishBELGRADE Interview with Igor Mitic - Nov.29, 2002

in englishRock is now 25 years old ... and still rolling - by Walter Dawson, July 1, 1979

in englishTav Falco Sizzles While Panther Burns - by Bunny Matthews, September 1, 1980

in englishAlbum captures the untamed fire of Panther Burns - by Walter Dawson, Oct 25, 1981

in englishOuch, its the Panther Burns, by Lindsay Hutto, Next Big Thing, 1981

>>>> more interviews to come from FAST FUSE (early Panther Burns fanzine)

more to come .... any contribution welcome

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It Came From Memphis blog

Photo Gallery of Via Cali, tango dancer with Tav

TAV FALCO filmography by Marc Baines, in HAIRY HI-FI no.2

Photos of Tav Falco & Panther Burns 2000 UK gig by Steve Coleman

Southern Culture on the Skids > Panther Phobia by Fred Mills on Phoenix New Times

The entire concert held in Belgrade on 29.11.2002

Tav on Lola products : music (mp3), poster collection, interview, 2003 statement, ... - "Tav Falco was post modern when post modern wasn't cool" - Speed recs released a live LP to be sell at european 2002 gigs, you can try to get it there. And read the TESTIMONY of the PANTHER BURNS 2003.

Performance Junkie: An Illness of Sorts, Ross Johnson on

Tav Falco on Danish National Radio > with photos, but in Danish

The "Approchable" Tav Falco (on > interview in English

Tav Falco en Empastres, gaceta independiente (Spanish)

Tav Falco all'Angi Music Pub il 6 ottobre (Italian)

Tav Falco & Panther Burns (at Dorfdisco Berlin, sept.2001) (German)
Tav Falco & Panther Burns (at Dorfdisco Berlin, sept.2001) (English)


Jim Duckworth speaks about his time with the Panther Burns, Alex Chilton, Gun Club (from Hellione's site about Gun Club & Jeffrey Lee Pierce)

In The Red Records > LP Panther Phobia

Last Call records

New Rose records

Munster records

Sympathy For The Record Industry

ROUGH TRADE, San Francisco, USA
MARILYN, Los Angeles, USA
MARILYN, Barcelona, Spain

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