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"aside Frenzy records catalogue, there is actually a Frenzy video catalogue..." (Tav Falco)

Urania Descending URANIA DESCENDING ~ a feature film by Tav Falco - 2014 - 16mm film original/digital print - 1 hour 8 minutes 37 seconds

Vienna Première: December 10, 2014 ~ 7:30pm - METRO-Kinokulturhaus, Johannesgasse 4, A-1010 Vienna
"For this movie, I thought of Urania, the muse of the heavens, the muse of the stars and celestial movements, and of her avatar as she descends from the Bardo plane to Earth. But she comes to Earth in a most unlikely form; of a disaffected young American woman in the southern region of America on the Arkansas River in Little Rock."
Yet this is more than the story of an American girl on a one-way ticket to merry/sinister old Vienna who becomes embroiled in an intrigue to uncover buried Nazi plunder. Rather, this film advances the shadowy Expressionism of Tav Falco's earlier oeuvre. It is a filmic poem infused with metaphor, mood and Stimmung, where the past overtakes the present, and the present overtakes the past. The film flickers with the fateful caprice of tarot cards fingered in the salon of a Viennese bordello. It is a motion picture that represents the inverted neo-romanticism of a timeless American underground adrift in Europe. Falco's films emerge as corporeal fables and offer cabalistic hygiene for a vital elegance.

Cinémathèque Française retrospective screening of films. Salle Georges Franju, Paris - 2006

Tav Falco, chanteur, compositeur, acteur, réalisateur et danseur, est le leader du groupe Panther Burns. Du chef d'oeuvre de simplicité radicale et empathique que représente Honky Tonk à l'ambiance "magick" de Love's Last Warning où l'on retrouve Kenneth Anger, de l'influence de Jean Rouch à celle de l'expressionnisme allemand, le parcours de Tav Falco manifeste une intégrité bien comprise, au sens d'une exploration ouvrant progressivement et résolument l'éventail des rituels dansés. Son oeuvre de cinéaste traite la danse tantôt dans sa dimension d'activité pulsionnelle, libératoire et inappropriable, tantôt comme fête quotidienne collective, comme cérémonie de réglage, comme ensemble de techniques disciplinaires, comme émergence de fables et de mythes corporels ou comme hygiène pour une élégance vitale. 

Shade Tree Mechanic (Richard Pleuger 1970/21'/16 mm), Honky Tonk (Tav Falco 1974/26' w.Rural Burnside), Memphis Beat (Robert Gordon 1989/3'), Why Was I Born (Too Late)? (Rainer Kirberg 1992/4'/35 mm), Love's Last Warning (Rainer Kirberg 1995/5'/35mm) -- with Tav Falco & Kenneth Anger in person.

It came from Memphis @ Barbican, London 2005

Four shorts capturing Memphis and the blues by Tav Falco presented Sun.10th April 2005 : HONKY TONK (US 1974), JOHNNY WOODS (US 1974), SLEEPY JOHN ESTES (US 1975) and MEMPHIS BEAT (US 1989)

TAV FALCO FILM FLICKS at The Horse Hospital, London - OCT.25, 2003

>> see press kit & photo artwork from recent Film Flick show in London <<
the Horse Hospital will now be touring our film/video program to 4-other cinemas in the UK.

La Cinémathèque Française has acquired 6 films for into their permanent collection:

Love's Last Warning (1996), Born Too Late (1993), Helene of Memphis (1991), Memphis Beat (1989), Shadetree Mechanic (1986), and 71 Salvage (1971)
A retrospective screening at the cinémathèque is now being talked about for 2004 in Paris.

Le Rouge du Couchant - 2003, dir. Edgardo Cozarinsky - prod. Serge Lalou, Les Films d'Ici

WAYNE COUNTY RAMBLIN' - 2002 - A feature film directed by Dan Rose (USA)

Downtown 81 - 2000, dir. Edo Bertoglio (Zeitgeist Films, USA / Sagittaire, France)

Tav with Basquiat
Tav Falco with Basquiat at Mudd Club NYC in the film "Downtown '81"

Love's Last Warning - 1995 - 35 mm, 5 min., dir. Rainer Kirberg - Warner/Chappell Austria

Why Was I Born (Too Late)? - 1992 - 35mm, 4 min., dir. Rainer Kirberg

Highway 61 - 1992, film, dir. Bruce MacDonald (Canada)

Helene of Memphis - 1990 - 16mm, 13 min., black & white film, dir. Tav Falco

filmed in Vienna and Memphis
Under a big lighted Memphis sign (cigarette ad) Helene, a Viennese working girl has the vision of taking a busride to Memphis. At home, fallen asleep she has following dream: princess Helene, guarded by comrade van Thrilling, her valet Dee Dee Tee and the chauffeur Heinrich has just arrived to see the rivercity… A lot of powder dusting is involved, she meets Victor, the Italian sheik of Beale Street and Tav Falco.Great Balls of Fire

Great Balls of Fire - dir. Jim McBride - 1989

Memphis Beat - 1989 - 16mm, 3 min., color, directed by Robert Gordon, cutaways filmed by Tav Falco.

Shade Tree Mechanic - 1988 # FZ V22 - 16mm, 18 min., color, magnetic soundtrack, dir. Richard Pleuger, music by Panther Burns

Two girls are driving their 1964 Thunderbird out of Memphis down Highway 61 where their car breaks down. Looking for help they find an enchanted garage inhabited by Tav Falco and his motorcycle riding comrades.

The Existors - 1987 - 8mm, color, dir. Tav Falco

Tav Falco 2001, photo by Michel MalivertLast Night In The Lonely Zone and Gyra 88 - Compilation # FZ V59 - 30' (2 x 15')

The Existors; I'm On This Mattress; Spinner; Diamond Rio; Arigato; Last Night on Lonely Street/Gyra 88 - film built around a story

TV Party at Manhattan Cable

one hour from the No Wave time in New-York. Panther Burns were invited by Chris Stein for Manhattan Cable

The Panther Burns Red Film

b&w movie filmed in 1986, structured around several little scenes

Panther Burns Tonight - # FZ V60 - about 1 hour

excerpts from live performances from the beginning of the band in Memphis and New-York. Including 2 rare TV shows

King Riders Motorcycle Club night - 1986 # FZ V43 - 43 min., color video document by Tav Falco

a Panther Burns made video,without music by Panther Burns:
Annual convocation in Memphis clubhouse of largest black motorcycle riders club in the world. Includes club dancing, live house band, DJs, puppets, and motorcycle racing contests.

Psychedelic WigWam - 1985 # FZ V30 - color, 30' minutes show filmed in 1985 for cable-TV

OP-art performance environment conceived and executed by Panther Burns. Featured appearance of "Comet Head". Songs and hallucinatory manifestos.

Les Jeunes Filles Eclair - 1978 - B&W, 50-min.

Flash girls caught in the web intime between camera and lover, and lover and camera. Marginal secrets revealed in a time capsule aborted too soon.
Memphis, Tennessee
3/4 " Umatic Video original, B&W

Key to The Highway - 1978 - B&W, 30-min.

Bluesman at home, on the outskirts of town. Interviewed by Gianni Marcucci and captured on camera by Tav Falco. Lum Guffin plays wistful renditions of "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl", "Catfish Blues", "Rollin' and Tumblin'", "Baby Please Don't Go " as his fingerpicking guitar odes recall earlier times of hoboing far from the homestead.
Memphis, Tennessee environs
1/2 " Open Reel Video original, B&W

SLEEPY JOHN ESTES - 1975 - 3 min., dir. Tav Falco

shown at It Came from Memphis @ Barbican, London, sun 10th April 2005.

JOHNNY WOODS - 1974 - 3 min., dir. Tav Falco

shown at It Came from Memphis @ Barbican, London, sun 10th April 2005.

HONKY TONK - 1974 - 26 min., dir. Tav Falco

eplxoring the source of the Blues - with Rural Burnside
shown at It Came from Memphis @ Barbican, London, sun 10th April 2005.

71 Salvage - 1970 # FZ V12 - 16mm, color, dir. Peter Cockran, Lead: Eugene Baffle (a.k.a. Tav Falco)

Panther Burns Blue Movie in which Tav Falco makes his first appearance. Based on a poem by James Dickey, the action - rendezvous takes place in an abandoned automobile junk yard located on a mountain side in Arkansas. Involves a steamy love scene rendezvous between Tav and a farmer's daughter.

TAV FALCO filmography by Marc Baines, in HAIRY HI-FI no.2

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